24 Chandler Dr Unit 24: Crystal L. Abel to Joshua Carter, $265,000

East Rd: 2013 Mali FT and Victoria L. Perkins to Kathleen A. Strangman, $370,000

Line Brook Rd: Amy Schena and Nella Haginicolas to Thomas Geary and Jeanne Reyes, $575,000

5 Sycamore Ct Unit 5: Goff RT and Carol Delorey to Ronald Leach, $350,000

Westside Dr: Judd Nathan to Circle Rental Mgmt LLC, $398,000


24 Gladys Nicoll Ln: Michael and Lisa Oleson to Timothy and Jennifer Oleson, $289,000

91 Jennifer Dr: Lowry Norma E Est and Lisa Huber to Kelley Murray, $364,000


Beach Plain Rd: Lake RT and John D. Jalbert to Christopher Bates-Behrend and Cassandra Behrendsen, $579,933

54 Caleb Dr: Nathan P. and Alexandria C. Letourneau to Rachal A. Beckler and Shelley Roop, $515,000

63 Ward Way: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Sarah Foster and Guido VanDen-Huevel, $506,533

N/a Lot 45-15: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Cindy-Lou K. and Mark D. Fearis, $559,200


10-1/2 Birch St: Michael&Doreen Sica RET and Michael Sica to 10 1/2 Birch St LLC, $195,000

Laurel St: James J. and Brenda Cahill to MDR Rehab&Dev LLC, $220,000

Oakwood Condo Unit 16: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Charles Zevitas and Cathleen Ofria, $523,600

31 Steele Rd: JMF Realty LLC to Colinbrooke Invs LLC, $165,000


27 Hadley Rd: Maison Belle LLC to Matthew M. and Stephanie M. Larivee, $515,000


243 Drakeside Rd Unit 7: Mark W Thomas RET and Mark W. Thomas to James A. and Wendy J. Cooper, $420,000

72 Locke Rd: E A&Cherl Kouninis RET and Efstathios A. Kouninis to Philip and Kathryn Ahlin, $630,000

Ocean Blvd: Jacqueline J. Downing to Valerie Johnson and Robert E. Benjamin, $150,000

35 Park Ave: Green Rock Invs LLC to Chelsie and Daisy Portlock, $550,000

454 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 7: William J. Vasil and Debra A. Bernier to Wichita B. Sao, $122,933


7 Kasher Dr Unit A: Steven and Stacey L. Gouveia to Rachid Ennaciri, $375,000

74 Little River Rd: Joseph Wilson to Alexander D. and Christian A. Pasquale, $411,533


16 Crestview Cir Unit 189: Courtney L. Inferrere to Lee P. Jeffers, $233,000

37 Noyes Rd: Cecile M Leblanc IRT and Elaine M. Fugere to Thomas W. Kenney, $300,000

41 Noyes Rd: Deborah Christopher to Brian L. and Stacey Meskell, $225,000

34 Stonehenge Rd: Bay Flow LLC to Brandon Huff, $401,000

N/a Lot 41: Stabile Hm At Londonderry to Herget FT and Richard Herget, $667,533


61 Heath St: Glenn A. Theodore to Sarah M. Smith and Joel B. Fosdick, $449,933

9 Patriot Dr: Scott and Elizabeth Geddis to Daniel and Tara StPierre, $655,000

89 Pond St: Kevin M. and Jessica M. Kolodziej to Isaac K. Mcgee, $430,000

4 Wilders Grove Rd: Scott Buatti to Donna L. Deschamp, $310,000


4 Lemere Dr: Michael J. and Barbara A. Perry to Joel D. Cioffi, $469,000

Majestic Ave: Skyview Estates LLC to Georg A. and Helen M. Gagne, $684,400

7 Sawmill Rd: Brian M. and Eirin L. Frechette to Zachary C. and Tuany A. Kendall, $415,000


Greenough Rd: Wilbur R. Moody to Henrys Homes LLC, $185,000

94 Newton Rd: Thomas E. Geray and Jeanne Reyes to Michael Firth and Brooke E. Lyons, $375,000

182 Plaistow Rd Unit 2: Robert and Cynthia Ryan to Robin D. Gulubicki, $200,000


Pleasant St: S Sevoian&M Gawrys Jr RET and Muriel P. Gawrys to Daniel Driss-Choukri and Khadija Chrai, $325,000


38 Allen St Unit 4c: Roberta Taggart and Ethan Laramie to Daniep P. Kus and Gillian F. Hanson, $191,000

38 Christopher Dr Unit 38: William J Keane T and William J. Keane to Susan M. Ronan, $305,000

44 Christopher Dr Unit 44: Riley FT and Eileen L. Riley to Donald P&J M Simard RET and Joan M. Simard, $300,000

Hemlock Cir: Philip and Karen Lussier to Carly Burns and Sean Oquinn, $555,000

N/a: Pace Betty-Lu Est and Katie M. Mooney to Phillipswood Road LLC, $299,000


Collins St: Lynn A. Willwerth and Ann M. Antanavich to Willwerth FT and Thomas K. Willwerth, $105,733

54 Farm Ln: Perry Strm Dev LLC to Mary E. Macinnes, $400,000

52-a Ledge Rd: Maria L. Cesar to 52A Ledge Road LLC, $137,000

S Main St: Irene K. Lattime and Terri Lyons to Robert W. Guy, $200,000

N/a: Rita Chase and Earlin E. Hart to Paul R Boulanger T and Paul R. Boulanger, $123,000


11 Burnham Rd: Jo-De Development LLC to Michael S. and Amy E. Silver, $125,000

70 Marblehead Rd: Nathan G. and Carin D. Rogers to Eric Cheung and Huiqing Wu, $580,000

54 N Lowell Rd Unit 2: Deborah Littlefield to Julie A. Wall and Trevor J. Couture, $290,000

50 Pleasant St Unit 50: Muriel Cote to Randolph and Diane L. Haskins, $335,000

2 Robin Hood Rd: Linda J. Richelson to Paul M. Macdonald and Michael J. Mazzarella, $600,000

18 Rolling Ridge Rd: Starting 9 Prop LLC to James M. and Rattanan Lowry, $475,000


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