13 Academy Ave: Dustin Allen and Brooke Gatewood to Porfiro Matias, $355,000

18 Amberwood Dr: Lisa J. Malkin to New England Acquisition, $305,000

7 Belknap Dr: Randolph D. and Mary Sites to Michael and Belinda L. Cassettari, $370,000

5 Browns Way Unit 5: Midlands Investments LLC to Stephen J. and Diane M. Pessinis, $585,000

24 Heald Bailey Dr Unit 24: Lilliam G. and Stephen E. Toohey to Michael J. Fornesi, $385,000

2 Maple Ave: White FT and Lawrence J. White to Todd and Jaime Szahun, $541,000

26 Wild Pasture Ln: Midlands Investments LLC to Jill E. Olson, $548,933

N/a Lot 11-9-4: Dean B. and Susan M. Killam to Andrew J. and Katie M. Murphy, $175,000


Candia Rd Lot 66: Elizabeth H. Samson to Joseph and Carla Pennellatore, $419,933


87 Caleb Dr: Centerview Hollo Land Co to Joshua A. and Cassandra M. Cunha, $460,000

58 Colby Rd: Pasquale J. and Joanne Mottola to William A. Nickerson, $200,000


9 Bonnie Ln Unit L: Brianna Beecher to Shawn B. Sullivan and Lauren J. Kelley, $237,533

16 Drew Woods Dr Unit 16: Parag and Reena Patel to Aaron Mackay and Emma Fairweather, $329,933

97 E Broadway Unit 14: Dole Laurence Joseph Est and Virginia R. Dole to Granite Props Of New Eng, $63,000

12 Edgewood St: Neale G. Rees to Jonathan P. and Amy Meillcur, $300,000

159 Island Pond Rd: John M. and Laurie J. Waite to Gia and Dominick P. Faccadio, $422,000

77 Lane Rd: Blunt LT and Rodney P. Blunt to Mark L. and Tammy R. Peters, $227,000

22 Manchester Rd Unit 8b: 1347456 Ontario Inc to ABZ Enterprises LP, $212,533

81 N High St Unit 14: Damon A. and Kimberly D. Carter to Stephanie L. Jarosz and Erik K. Hayden, $255,000

55 Old Chester Rd: Dale and Kristin Houston to Mchael and Anna Church, $386,000

1 Rebecca Ln Unit L: Trevor R. Franquiz to Peter F. and Lynda L. Caruso, $190,000

16 Shelly Dr: Randi and Bryan Douglas to Jason R. and Lucy Stiles, $379,933

65 Tsienneto Rd Unit L: Carolina Gomez to Melissa A. Dimauro and Paul A. Dysert, $207,000

84 Warner Hill Rd: Douglas A. and Tonya J. Black to Andrew D. and Gina M. Auclair, $323,000


No Transactions in this Town


Bonair Ave: Enhanced Life Options Grp to Joseph and Karen Germain, $42,533

Bonair Ave: B&M Properties LLC to Joseph and Karen Germain, $525,000

5 Gale Rd: Alexander K. and Moira Mckinnon to Marisa D Wilich RET and Marisa D. Wilich, $740,000

33 Ocean Blvd Unit 6: Donna Lebert to Robert Baker, $404,000

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 202: Delisle FT and Sandra Delisle to Leonard and Denise Cuzzupe, $163,000

12 Park Ave: James and Darlene J. Ellis to Mefpade LLC, $520,000

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 306: Karen E. Germain to Sean M. Mccann and Susan M. Vermette, $389,000

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 105: Brian P Caples RET and Brian P. Caples to Celine Garneau and Monique Kananowicz, $300,000


8 Colby Rd: John B. and Jean Moore to Tony Forbes, $330,000

Kingston Pnes: Vincent P. Mecuse and Donna M. Muese to Lisa J. Malkin, $249,933

19 Madison Ave: Francine A Fazio RET and Francine A. Fazio to Krista and Gregory Foerster, $470,000

North Rd: Natasha and Russell Little to Kristen Higginbottom, $170,000


Fairway Rd Lot 24b: Kathleen Parody to Susan C. Evans and Darrell A. Moreau, $237,000

5 Fieldstone Dr Unit 5: Active Management Svcs to Roberta A. and George A. Norris, $209,000

40 Harvey Rd: Louis Pichette to David N. Smiley and Elizabeth Bauer, $370,000

3 Lance Ave: Derek E. Munnis and Barbara J. Jordan-Munnis to Kevin E. and Robine Toohey, $386,733

3 Liberty Dr: Dea Realty LLC to Drew&Zoe Realty LLC, $600,000

10 Mallard Ln: Christopher Robles and Kristen M. Endyke to Edward J. and Pauline A. Endyke, $330,000

41 Royal Ln: James J. and Rosanne M. Dimare to Thomas P. Parilla, $365,000

3 Sugar Plum Ln Unit 3: John&Catherine Duggan FT and Patricia A. Mcdonough to Daniel C. and Diana Elsemiller, $393,800

160 Winterwood Dr Unit 160: Amy S. Morrison to Heidi D. Katz, $216,500


9 Georges Way: Frank I. and Julie Odell to Richard K. and Shannon M. Hines, $432,000

57 Pond St: Joanne Hoffman to Sedat Uguz and Brittany D. Cormier, $345,000

119 Pond St: Matthew Mcrea to Ryleigh J. Goulet and Joshua E. Tulchinsky, $210,000

9 Tanglewood Dr: Shannon Hines to Denny Driscoll and Taylor Harasim, $350,000


Brookview Dr Lot 21: Charles H. Buffum to Tyler E. Kosic, $310,000

23 Wood Rd: Brendark RET and Mark S. Godin to Robert P. and Patricia Donald, $250,000


23 Canterbury Frst Unit B: Jessica Caruso to Meghan A. Sherlock, $224,933

11 Greenough Rd Unit 22: Kevin B. Phillips to Dwaine and Carrie Vosburgh, $220,000


17 Colleen Dr: Kelly K. Homsey to Shane C. and Samantha Smith, $625,000

114 E Broadway: Stickney IRT and Christopher J. Stickney to Mazraany Construction LLC, $295,000

9 Floral Ave: Moreau IRT and Melissa Barger to Amanda Masse and Steven R. Moreau, $280,000

132 Haverhill Rd: Jonathan F. Rojas and Sandra J. Rivera to Scott Monagle and Amanda Perch, $285,000

1 Milano Way Unit 1: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to David and Vickie L. Edwards, $514,933

64 Old Farm Rd: Shane C. Smith to Sarah L. and Richard A. Capano, $729,933


6 2nd St: Pauline D. Ventre to Adam M. Bruce, $229,933

11 Hampstead Rd: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Roland and Jamie Berube, $176,000

17 Scott Ln Unit 17: Maria A. and David A. Lewellyn to Mitchell W. and Connie M. Smith, $175,000

12 Williams St: Eric Driggers to Katilyn E. Page, $290,000


87 Foggs Ln Unit A: Stargazer Real Estate Dev to James Ellis, $349,933

255 Lafayette Rd Unit 8: Kun Tam to Lucky Fortune LLC, $118,000

4 River St: Richard G. and Dorothy F. Nadeau to Jacob D. Bosse, $900,000

N/a Lot 24: Arlene R. Guidali to Robert and Lynne Johnson, $40,000

N/a: Isabelle M Leen T and Mark Leen to Mack Seabrook NT and Charles F. Daher, $725,000

N/a Lot 3: George Legner IRT and Lori Lessard to 29 Pickens Avenue RET and P J. Stiles, $85,000


4 Cole Rd: Aleksandr Kivenson to Alicia Cannon, $310,000

42 Highclere Rd: Ruby Holdings LLC to Michael R. and Melissa S. Caron, $858,000

17 Ministerial Rd: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Dohety to Neil and Nicole Finneran, $650,000




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