4 Coles Way Unit 4: Don D. Antonacci to Steven B. Perkins, $460,000

5 Henri Ct Unit 5: Phillip Brown and Amelia Bucklin to Terrence and Heather Licciardi, $395,000


No Transactions in this Town


147 Farview Dr: Daniels FT and David S. Daniels to Richard and Charlene Guidi, $555,000

74 Pine St: Pamela Fairbrother to Bruce A. White and Christina L. Swain, $555,000


25 Amherst Dr Unit 25: Curtis L. Doble to Daniel F. and Lisa G. Audy, $420,000

38 allard Rd: David G&Cheryl B RET and David G. Garlock to Ryan Martin and Kendra Wroblewski, $515,000

5 Bonnie Ln Unit L: Titus Carol A Est and Candace Gosselin to Andrew D. Durkee, $280,000

109 Fordway Ext: Judith E. Cotter and Michael J. Michaud to Carolyn and William Desantis, $335,000

68 Gulf Rd: Tokla Phean and Leena Chann to Susan E. and Steven J. Minsaas, $450,000

26 Harvest Dr: Daniel and Lisa Manrique to Aleeza Goodman and Christopher Larro, $875,000

5 Holiday Ave: Arthur F. and Lorraine D. Mosher to John R. and Catherine Brunelle, $400,000

2 Laurel St: Deborah L. Gran-Palumbo to Andrew Sylvia and Shannon Obrien, $295,000

6 Maurice Rd: Cheryl L. Italia to Gloria Lopez-Mckoy, $270,000

17 Myles Dr Unit 17: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Michael A Licciardi FT and Michael A. Licciardi, $541,733

104 Old Chester Rd: New Eng Acquisitions LLC to Adam and Kerri Muse, $550,000

14 Partridge Ln: Nan S. Barelay to Jean P. Lys, $510,000

15 Silvestri Cir Unit 21: Julicann Mcelaney and Shawn D. Mahoney to Sarah R. Dixon, $160,000

17 Stonegate Ln Unit 17: Michael S. Kwasniak to Jordan J. Maltais, $251,000

Village Oakwood Condo Unit 26: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Doherty FT and Thomas E. Doherty, $500,200


9 Blue Heron Ave: Merrill and Michael T. Dougherty to Jennifer L. and John M. Paolilli, $365,000

6 Patriot Dr Unit 22: Gail K. Fox to Janet H. Venti, $350,000

76 Picadilly Rd: Russell J. Graves to Marshall J. and Morgan M. Millwood, $580,000

2 Remington Dr Unit 906a: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Estelle Y. and James E. Moroney, $483,000

26 Tanglewood Dr Unit 26: Paula Jenkins to Russell Chandonnet, $259,000


21 Alexander Dr: Robert J. and Linda A. Roughsedge to Fred and Lorraine Deluca, $825,000

20 Harris Ave Unit 15: Nancy J. Siopes to Gerald W. Mccall, $623,000

411-b Ocean Blvd: Diane and Alain Couture to Patricia M. Schoch, $370,000

Randall St: James F Margarita RET and James F. Margarita to Peter M. Anderson and Helen K. Selle, $662,533

9 Richard St: Jacob Nihart to Brandon Bryant and Megan Chaganis, $460,000

3 Thorwald Ave: Richard and Dorothy M. Mugavero to Corey M. Benish and Daniel K. Twombly, $621,000

N/a: Edmund R. StPierre to Jeannine Handy RET and Jeannine Handy, $630,000


3 Crest Rd: Goodwin FT and Bruce E. Goodwin to Allan Luciw, $381,000

Dulcies Point Rd: John C. Taylor to John R. Speranza, $60,000

20 New Boston Rd: Barbara G. Anderson to Justin S. Kane and Courtney L. Peteron, $515,000

1 Route 125 Unit 17: 17 Commerce LLC to NAK Realty Co LLC, $285,000

111 Route 125: Nibrud Properties LLC to D M Kolodziej Realty LLC, $750,000


14 Crestview Cir Unit 160: Jefferson Drive T and James G. Blake to Rubina Yasmin, $235,000

22 Justin Cir: Shaina L. and John T. Conrad to Brian and Krystal Scott, $487,600

153 Litchfield Rd: Paul E. Bauer to Ustin M. Quish, $345,000

25 Raintree Dr: Michael J. and Lori A. Hogan to Akhilesh and Priti Sharma, $450,000

1 Rons Way: KLN Construction Co Inc to Kyle Schnicker and Olivia Marchioni, $600,000

Trail Haven Estates Condo Unit 27: Lavigne FT and Roger E. Lavigne to Alan and Susan Bartunek, $435,000

170 Winterwood Dr Unit 170: James and Heather Oboyle to David T. Fox and Diane Cravedi, $310,000


8 Bartlett St: James and Sharon Bourque to Meredith C. and Scott T. Condon, $398,000

16 Meadowview Dr: Alexander D. Scott and Kathleen Mcginnis to Timothy Bogan and Linda Lanni, $475,000


60 Blueberry Cir: Robert Clement to Kelly A. and Nicholas A. Miller, $468,000

16 Dodge Rd: Farrell FT and John E. Farrell to Qian Zhang, $657,000

6 Kennedy Dr: Daniel F. and Lisa G. Audy to Danielle M. and Leslie M. Neil, $551,000

33 Leonard Dr: J A&B A Lesniak RET and John A. Lesniak to Peter D. and Deborah A. Kulisich, $419,000

513 Mammoth Rd: Christopher M. and Amy L. Meaney to Stephen D. and Jodi L. Texeira, $660,000

8 Mount Vernon Dr: Tony Ngeth to Chamroeun Heng, $490,000

19 Nicholas Ln: Mark J. and Carolyn H. Carter to Shane P. and Paul Morin, $675,000

127 Old Gage Hill Rd: Nicholas A. and Kelly A. Miller to Maria Sousa, $400,000

Pelletier Jolieette St Lot 1: Kareem M. Alarajy and Dunya Altalebi to Justin J. Mercier and Stephanie G. Ruckman, $267,000

Pinard St Lot 1: Kareem M. Alarajy and Dunya Altalebi to Justin J. Mercier and Stephanie G. Ruckman, $267,000

29 Sagewood Dr Unit 29: John F. and Donna M. Lacey to Paul H. Sirois, $475,000

24 Waterford Way: Christopher and Nicole Iannotti to Charles and Leslie Blake, $700,000

70 Windham Rd: Charles and Lindsay A. Waitt to Matthew King, $550,000

Woods Rd Lot 11: M J&E F Rogers IRT and Brian C. Rogers to M J&T F Rogers Jr RET and Theresa F. Rogers, $350,000

Woods Rd Lot 9: M J&E F Rogers IRT and Brian C. Rogers to M J&T F Rogers Jr RET and Theresa F. Rogers, $350,000

27 Woods Rd Unit 10: M J&E F Rogers IRT and Brian C. Rogers to M J&T F Rogers Jr RET and Theresa F. Rogers, $350,000


6 Congressional Ave: Murray Elmer Linwood Est and Kathleen Mae Gillen to Keith Sullivan, $378,000

6 Elm St: Ingalls Bruce Est and Beverly Bouvier to Brendon and Monique Rolfe, $380,000

17 Walton Rd: Justin S. Kane and Courtney L. Peterson to Corey M. Eddows and Adriana Ferreira, $380,000


38 Budron Ave: Carole Coty 2015 T and Carole A. Coty to Nicholas J. Reynolds, $569,000

121 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 9: Matthew W. Andrews to Derick J. Chavez, $193,000

1 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Daniel F. Livingston, $225,000

7 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Brian R. Koller, $225,000

10 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Patricia A. Sasso and Edward A. Polcaro, $225,000

13 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to James and Amy Bevilacqua, $225,000

14 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Gregory J. and Jillian Comeau, $225,000

29 Dyson Dr: Paul F. and Debra M. David to Carolann G. and Steven C. Ramsden, $461,000

14 Hitching Post Ln: James Kattar to Robert F. Moore, $459,000

14 Hitching Post Ln: Darcy Kattar and US Bank NA to James Kattar, $459,000

31 Lamplighter Ln: Felix V. and Gissell Mercado to Tyler and Allison Reed, $1,100,000

36 Maclarnon Rd: Barbara M. Valenkas to Michael A. Vazquez and Victoria M. Valentin, $421,000

36 Millville St: Yong Tu and Jack Vartabedian to Annmarie Indelicato, $485,000

102 N Policy St: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Justin Cheverie and Kimberly Vaughn, $645,000

18 Otis Ave: Diane K. Lemenager to Joseph M. and Manada M. Mazza, $450,000

11 Renaissance Cir Unit 11: Douglas B. and Diana L. Rahrig to Cai Lan RT and Emma Qing-Lan, $595,000

Salem Professional Pk Con Unit 108: Salem Radiology RE&Equipm to 2322 LLC, $170,000

13 Stanwood Rd: Xavier R. Trevisani to Robrt Higgins, $540,000

12 Therriault Ave: Dupuis RT and Nicholas Dupuis to Asim Azam, $200,000

41 Wheeler Dam Rd: Armano Realty Invs Inc to Brett and Caitlyn E. Pittera, $553,600

N/a Lot 5-141: Gma Salem Properties LLC to Horrigan Realty Dev LLC, $2,884,000


No Transactions in this Town


17 Beckman Lndg: Ann K Pare RET and Timothy A. Pare to Austin F. Greene, $610,000

4 Eaton Ln: Ronald E. and Joan M. Drouin to Robin V. and Eileen M. Mccarter, $565,000

112 Lafayette Rd: C&C Property Inv LLC to KGJ Property Inv LLC, $506,000


Cobbetts Pond Rd: Sampson RT and Gail P. Leichtman to Barry S. and Donna E. Johnson, $575,000

53 E Nashua Rd: Vicky L Oakley T and Vicky L. Oakley to Micael S. and Lori A. Palmer, $560,000

16 Golden Brook Rd: Christine and Matthew Suchecki to Jessica and Anthony Diclemente, $550,000

6 Highland Rd: John A. and Renee N. Mcgregor to Angela M. and Theofilos Vougias, $860,000

9 Leni Rd: Douglas A. Bennitt to Sara Mccauley and Georgette R. Ochs, $640,000

4 Quail Run Rd: Joseph R. and Patricia A. Miedico to William D. Antuono, $925,000

84 Range Rd: Alexander L Ray 1999 RET and Alexander L. Ray to Devan J Quinn IRT and Devan J. Quinn, $271,333

26 Stacey Cir Unit 26: Arthur E. and Susan M. Mercier to Anthony J. Brown and Kimberly Joy, $364,000

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