15 Waters Edge: Marcia K. Rpsenn and Scott D. Isaacson to Matthew Demko, $465,000


51 Pulpit Rock Rd: Michael P. and Mary F. Ouellette to Lisa M. and Amber M. Machon, $450,000


171 Colby Rd: Tavanese FT and Daniel Snow to Moises and Caresse Carrillo-Romero, $306,000

320 Main St: Joseph Culligan to Cody R. and Trina M. Culligan, $230,000


6 Allison Ln: Mary M. Kneeland to Lisa C. Maurice, $381,000

11 Anna Cir Unit 11: Jodi M. and Jonathan Bennett to Matthew and Jamie Cipriano, $390,000

6 Fox Den Rd: Michael D. Mauger to Lexington Rlty Hldg LLC, $300,000

18 Gulf Rd: Jane D Kirkland RET and Jane D. Kirkland to Zoe and Edward R. Adams, $600,000

28 Juniper Rd Unit R: Keith W. Woodman to GKB Realty LLC, $225,333

11 Matthew Dr Unit R: Paul J. and Katty Digiantommaso to Sheila Kelley, $220,000

7 Myles Dr Unit 7: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Claude R. and Melinda C. Cook, $565,600

Route 102: Aaron West to NTC RE Dev, $129,000

10 Sunset Ave: Paul A. Spinney and Newrez LLC to Newrez LLC, $242,550

5 Tiger Tail Cir Unit R: Fanny M. Puerta to Joseph M. Perziale and Sarah D. Garcia, $277,533

18 Tiger Tail Cir: Raymond and Mary P. Hoegen to Dennis E. and Barbara J. Hughes, $259,933

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 45: Thomas P. and Martha J. Keaveney to William L. Fennell, $247,000


Central St: Caroline B Demers RET and Caroline B. Demers to Joey and Nicole Leclair, $400,000

7 Spruce Dr Unit 7: Catherine A. Lowell to Betsi Salsman and Mark Flanagan, $299,933


Blk Lk: Rebecca Stanton to Lisa and Pauline Frisina-Brown, $234,000

65 Dunvegan Woods Unit 65: Brennan FT and Liam M. Brennan to Aviana Morrison, $263,000

25 Fieldstone Cir: William F Burns 2nd RET and William F. Burne to Joseph M. and Kara B. Jolicoeur, $705,000

12 K St: Thomas D Donnelly LT and Lillian Burgess to Denise Romano, $400,000

N Shore Rd: Marcia Courtemanche RET and Richard A. Courtemanche to Nicole and Davi Perry, $760,000

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 504: Prakash Aradhya and Veena Doddanagouda to Preethi Rajanna, $400,000

415 Ocean Blvd Unit 103: Jonathans Condo Assoc to Susan and Joseph Pynenburg, $132,000

729 Ocean Blvd Unit 202: Charles A. Gallo to MJC Coastal Holdings LLC, $220,000

74 Schooner Lndg Unit 74: Russell E Small RET and Janet Adams to Kiley Bunce, $325,000

121 Timber Swamp Rd Unit B: Allen D. and Virginia L. Kelly to Anthony P. Scola, $450,000

16 Westridge Dr: A&I Cunha FT and Aurelindo Cunha to Mari W. and Timothy Fitzpatrick, $720,000

N/a: Irene R. Dunn and S M. Thornton-Mcguire to Gerard J. and Donna L. Chaput, $220,000


3 Dulcies Point Rd: Cynthia Ward-Comeau and Cynthia J. Comeau to Lyle Gaudet, $166,000

20 Marshall Rd: Lori J. Hatsiandrou to NH Home Buyers LLC, $231,600

19 North Rd: Kristen Higginbottom to North Road RT and Richard A. Eastman, $200,000

12 South Rd: Darrell Forbes to Joseph and Deann Paddock, $560,000


83 Adams Rd: Barbara L Church RET and Barbara L. Church to Ryan and Amanda Sullivan, $455,000

50 Buckingham Dr: Smith 2015 T and Bradford A. Smithy to Danielle and Jessica Richards, $567,533

104 Chase Rd: Russell J. and Elaine M. Kilpatrick to Shannon B. Douglas and Frieda L. Mcelhiney, $370,000

25 Crackling Log Ln: Cross Farm Dev LLC to James and Patricia M. Gray, $471,733

16 Crestview Cir Unit 177: Kelly J. and Thomas W. Duprey to William and Jacqueline A. Fallon, $179,933

Cross Farm Condo Unit 61: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Steven P. Green and Rose P. Ellis, $530,933

13 Delta Dr Unit 10: L&L Rlty Of New Eng LLC to Colmad LLC, $685,000

13 Delta Dr Unit 9: L&L Rlty Of New Eng LLC to Colmad LLC, $685,000

45 Forest St: Jeffrey H. and Laurence A. Haavisto to Nicholai E. and Anne L. Lilley, $238,000

Kimball Rd Unit 58: Kathleen M. Windisch to Jane D Kirkland RET and Jane D. Kirkland, $415,000

23 Midridge Cir Unit 23: Jennifer C. Kennedy to Deborah D. Boulder, $181,000

27 Moulton Dr: Hepworth FT and Carl O. Hepworth to Joseph and Ryan Fishwick, $490,000

16 Woodside Dr: Marcia M. Crowley to Paul J. and Kathy Digiantommaso, $389,000


Hillside Ests Unit 7-5: Corey A. Masson and Stacy Church to Christopher and Rosa Bates, $475,000


132 Dutton Rd: Robert C. and Sandra M. Gargano to Manuel H. Bairos, $427,533

7 Falcon Dr: Brian T. and Donna L. Carton to Matthew and Nicole Conrad, $378,933

3 Mount Vernon Dr: John Govoni to Mariel K. and Jose Dias, $381,000

2 Sawmill Rd: Phillip E. and Cynthia A. Babcock to Joseph S. Vitale, $380,000

96 Tallant Rd: Paul A. and Mary L. Avery to Kathleen and Calogero Bordonaro, $425,000

6-8 Washington St: John M. and Colette T. Dinitto to Cosmo Dinitto, $117,266


2 Auburn St: Aaron J. and Joannelle Martin to Steve Lopez and Natalie J. Klesaris, $425,000

32 Farrington Ave: Henry G. Olshefsky to Andrew Pangakis and Ashley Zafiris, $335,000

27 Plaistow Rd: Jason S. Kimball to Semaan Properties NH LLC, $470,000

72 Pollard Rd: Peter N. and Karen J. Ray to Henry G. Corey, $95,000

N/a Lot 39: Ethan Conley to Jeffrey and Jared Delucia, $612,533


11 2nd St: 66 Propeties LLC to Barry C. and Gail W. Sheldon, $479,000

6 Birch Hill Rd: James E. and A Sera Mckallagat to James J. and Tommi Hurley, $675,000

Braemoor Woods Rd: Housing Authority Of Salm to Clough Development LLC, $120,000

6 Braemoor Woods Rd: Clough Development LLC to Clough Farm 2 LP, $520,000

29 Budron Ave: Silver Star Realty LLC to Daphne Binder, $321,000

99 Cluff Crossing Rd: Matthes Inv Prop LLC to Penelope Cornelio-Silfa, $140,000

Colleen Dr: Susan and David L. Sundell to Douglas C. and Melissa K. Carter, $610,000

5 Conifer Way: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to David J. and Cheryl L. Ruffen, $568,200

21 Cortland Dr: Kalli FT and Larry J. Kalil to Lionel Lima, $570,000

10 Cortona Way Unit 10: Black Brk Rlty Tuscan Vlg to Jennifer Hartman, $447,600

10 Cypress St: Thomas and Sandra Griffin to Erin Griffin, $324,000

29 Dyer Ave: Melissa Miller to NH Home Buyers LLC, $230,000

15 Highland Ave: Nisreen M. Mahmod and Munaf M. Mahmood to Franklin A. Polanco and Leticia Y. Espiritusanto, $343,000

254 N Broadway Unit 207: Cej Realty Corp to 22 Investment LLC, $175,000

254 N Broadway Unit 208: Cej Realty Corp to Health PLLC, $175,000

2 Norwood Rd: Rent Due 2 LLC to Glenna R. Mclaughlin, $369,933

N/a: Esses M. Saif to Clark Ave Realty LLC, $585,000


23 Birch Dr: Richard Towne and Adam Lamond to Dancing Lac Holdings LLC, $105,000

Holts Point Rd Lot 47: Richard Towne and Adam Lamond to Klee Properties LLC, $120,000

6 Round Hill Rd: Miles Gilbert to Clifford&E Stirba T and Emerlita Stirba, $605,000


95 Concord St: Srinivansen and Donna J. Ravikumar to Linda and Katie E. Hart, $825,133

Plymouth St: Jacobson RET 2 and R Jacobson-Antico to John A. and Denise Dinitto, $575,000

17 Railroad Ave: Jeremy W. and Rachel J. Couture to Lynhdsey L. and Keith Oriordan, $400,000

215-217 S Main Street Cond Unit B: Old Stage Road LLC to Joan A. and Jessica C. Orsillo, $402,533

N/a: Dorothy M Culle T and Brian M. Cullen to Mark A Saab RET and Mark S. Saab, $710,000


3 Bayberry Rd: Jacob J. and Danielle L. Aleksa to Gregoryba Porzio and Gheny Tranb, $828,000

19 Beacon Hill Rd: Kathleen F Costello RET and Kathleen F. Costello to Robert R. and Stacy A. Lewis, $605,000

10 Burnham Rd Unit 4002: Louis R. and Colleen L. Fantozzi to James E. Klinker, $2,000,000

10 Burnham Rd Unit 4003: Louis R. and Colleen L. Fantozzi to James E. Klinker, $2,000,000

12 Burnham Rd Unit 4002: Louis R. and Colleen L. Fantozzi to James E. Klinker, $2,000,000

12 Burnham Rd Unit 4003: Louis R. and Colleen L. Fantozzi to James E. Klinker, $2,000,000

16 Burnham Rd: Monique A. Michaud to Philip K. Pham and Thao-Tnag T. Nguyen, $760,000

10 Chestnut St: Ruby Holdings LLC to Todd E. and Valery Fercho, $287,533

5 Depot Rd: Glen D. and Lorri A. Kimball to Ryan P. and Claire M. Colbeth, $386,533

20 Fish Rd: Antonette V Martini RET and Debra A. Roberto to John and Rachel Kula, $605,000

65 Heritage Hill Rd: Raymond and Nicola Gerber to Sichen Gong and Qianqian Liu, $990,000

25 Mitchell Pond Rd: Nathan and Lisa Wallace to Daniel J. and Morgan L. Murphy, $625,000

54 N Lowell Rd Unit 1: Robert J. Treitel to Joseph H. and Sandra C. Lacombe, $265,000

70 Ryan Farm Rd Unit 13: Del Ray Place LLC to Cynthia Rondeau, $620,000

43 Sheffield St: Remi Sous Investments LLC to James R. and Katherine S. Mize, $637,200

44 Sheffield St: GBS Walkers Woods Dev Co to Gerald and Kettly G. Oriol, $680,000

Walkers Woods Ests Lot 6c115: GBS Walkers Woods Dev Co to Remi Sons Investments LLC, $225,000

7 Wynridge Rd Unit 7: Lori A. Andrus to Edinger FT and Jong M. Edinger, $340,000


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