16 Stage Rd: Thomas M. Augusta to Chantha K. Pearce and James J. Walsh, $305,000


199 Old Sandown Rd: Perley H. and Lillian E. Arthur to Suzanne and Scott Arthur, $396,000

157 Parker Rd: Karen and Frank A. Lumbra to Jeremy L. and Tracy A. Gravlin, $365,000

Shattigee Rd: Dany R. Merrifield to Kyle Earshaw and Johanna Earnshaw, $199,933

348 Villager Rd: Abigail E. Galvin and Patrick P. Mccarthy to Collin and Melissa Defriesse, $415,000

N/a Lot 6: Sawmill Grant LLC to Erik R. and Miranda B. Lemay, $175,000


5 Coburn Hill Rd: Robert C. and Annemarie Foster to Timothy West and Doreen Bresnahan, $320,000


1-a Blackberry Rd Unit 1b: Rene M. and Jeffrey P. Kelsey to Marc D. Lapierre, $225,000

46 Crystal Ave: PTK Holdings LLC to Bangor SB, $725,000

40 Damren Rd: Michael Willey to J D. Srinivas-Vargas and Jorel E. Vargas, $390,000

59 E Derry Rd: Michael P. and Gretchen L. Grzyb to Anissa Rosalind-Megivern, $436,533

10 Emerald Dr: STG Properties LLC to Amy D. Michaud, $379,000

51 Ermer Rd: L M. Gauthier-Schriefer to Michael Bain, $365,000

96 Goodhue Rd: Kristie L. Buccieri to Jason Dimatteo and Lyndsey Seymour, $415,000

119 Gulf Rd: Martin R. Taylor to William and Lesley Dorazio, $145,000

126 Gulf Rd: Lake RT and Lynda Green to Amberwood Homes LLC, $140,000

264 Hampstead Rd: Michael E. Dawson to Right Now Rlty Solutions, $63,000

1 Lake St: Eugene E. and Sheila M. Orzechowski to Brian and Linda Polewarczyk, $365,000

6 Lorri Rd: Robert B. and Tina L. Pienta to Robert Pienta and Ashley Kosowicz, $400,000

22 Manchester Rd Unit 6: City Electric Supply Co to Spirit Master Funding 10, $1,019,933

8 Matthew Dr Unit R: Robert Leonad to Matthew Brodsky, $231,133

15 Newells Meadow Ln Unit 15: Thomas and Cinda Shepard to Thomas H. Chub and Ashley N. Giannantonio, $259,000

74 Old Chester Rd: George E. Mayernik to Robert L. and Theresa Blaisdell, $409,000

4 Pembroke Dr Unit 15: Norma Jenkerson to Brian Sheridan, $148,933

4 Stonegate Ln Unit 4: Lori M. Bosco to Heather and Lee Haines, $210,000

159 Warner Hill Rd: Dawn and David Macomber to Krista and Sean P. Brennan, $487,000


101 Bricketts Mill Rd: Paula A. and Paula A. Filella to Luis C. Mendonca and Wilde Everton-Santos, $489,533

19-a Central St Unit 19b: Mark A. and Jessica N. Martin to Roberta A. Borruso, $405,000

N Salem Rd: Nancy S. Finegan to Richard Towne and Sharon Mills, $317,000


Ashworth Ave Lot 21: Mam Rlty Investors 4 LLC to John P. and Laurie A. Mcanespie, $185,000

27 B St: Captain Morgan Inn Inc to Allens Corner LLC, $550,000

2 Estherbrook Way: Copley Homes LLC to Diane Withee, $707,333

294 High St: Emily Mcisaac and Robert B. Bean to Lester and Dominique Fehr, $430,000

6 Hutchinson Dr: Zagranis FT and Lawrence E. Zagranis to Chandler A. Hutchins, $340,000

60 Mace Rd: David A Batchelder RET and David A. Batchelder to Arlenea L. Okeefe, $380,000

Mill Rd: Keith R. Lessard to Nicole and Cullen Burns, $525,000

15 Ocean Blvd Unit 203: Ocean House Oceanfront Cn to Gail Taibbi and Gioia G. Dimare, $409,933

315 Ocean Blvd Unit 205: Ocean House Oceanfront Cn to David Perry, $4,116,600

315 Ocean Blvd Unit 306: Ocean House Oceanfront Cn to Estey FT and Paul G. Estey, $429,933

377 Ocean Blvd Unit 7: Gerald and Maureen Gendron to Steven M. Nugent and Kathleen Johnston-Nugent, $700,000

611 Ocean Blvd Unit 4: Allen Campbell to Samaro FT and J E. Samaro, $224,933

Ocean House Oceanfront Co Lot 308: Ocean House Oceanfront Cn to Donna D. Gardner, $424,933

N/a Lot 16-1: Sandra Moseley to Caridad Denise, $439,933


116 Exeter Rd: Patricia A Cynewski T and Patricia A. Cynewski to Terrence Obrien and Cassie Penta, $385,000

6 Horseshoe Ln Unit A: Peter D. Stoehr and Marisa J. Mandra-Stoehr to Andre C. Gallucio, $363,000

53 Marshall Rd: JP Structures LLC to Ryan C. and Stephanie M. Walfield, $525,000

9 Shore Rd: Julia Elise Doucette RET and Julia E. Doucette to Stephanie and Matthew Sickmond, $501,000

N/a Lot 9c: Paul and Karen R. Trabucco to Jake B. and Jane J. Virnelli, $140,000


45 Calla Rd: Now Comes Lorden Commons to Ryan R. and Kelly A. Burgess, $564,800

20 Coteville Rd: Elaine Fortin to Alexander J. Klink, $300,000

Cross Farm Condo Lot 56: Cross Farm Dev LLC to William A Foss RET and William A. Foss, $686,533

Cross Farm Condo Lot 33: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Toombs RET and Connie L. Toombs, $581,800

16 Elwood Rd: James E. and Lisa J. Mcalister to Mark S. and Althea M. Fraser, $378,000

137 Fieldstone Dr Unit 137: Nancy Upchurch to Kyle Olson, $213,000

15 King Richard Dr: Nancy Maching RET and Richard Dryer to Francis J. and Elizabeth Mcbride, $440,000

57 Mammoth Rd: James J. and Toni Ann Butler to Adam Mcelearney-Walker and Ellen M. Walker, $347,000

50 Nashua Rd Unit 213: Fetzner 2017 T and Michael J. Fetzner to Suzan A Messina RET and Suzan A. Messina, $75,000

50 Nashua Rd Unit 214: Fetzner 2017 T and Michael J. Fetzner to Suzan A Messina RET and Suzan A. Messina, $75,000

70 Pendleton Ln Unit 70: Joan A. Claveau and Michele Hanscom to Matthew R. StOnge, $217,000

4 Quarry Rd Unit 4: Norman M. and Gisele M. Levasseur to Jorge M. and Paula A. Alves, $485,000

14 Rolling Ridge Rd: Jean M Grant RET and Jean M. Grant to Aniket and Shruti Joshi, $393,000

17 Wedgewood Dr: Whittaker FT and Kenneth F. Whittaker to Christina W. and James R. Duffield, $310,000


43 S Main St: Charles and Carolyn Perry to Nathan Grinnell, $510,000


49 Aspen Dr: Skyview Estates LLC to Eric P. and Caleigh T. Pacy, $694,733

8 Mount Vernon Dr: John H. and Paulette L. Jacobs to Tony Ngeth, $381,000

31 Old Gage Hill Rd: Leonard Bellmore to Deiby O. and Rosa M. DeJesus, $570,000

17 Sagewood Dr Unit 17: Peterson FT and David Peterson to Joan H. and Thomas E. Hurton, $505,000

Wildwood Rd Lot 9-135: KDS Properties LLC to Paul F. and Margaret M. Mcdonald, $250,000


2 Ingalls Ter: Paul J. and Pamela R. Waring to Patrick T. and Elise D. Gamble, $360,000

69 Old County Rd: Mindy Roman and Brian Lachance to David P. and Allison N. Searles, $394,000

100 Old County Rd: Vincent Buscanera to Sarah Grossman and Peter Gallagher, $529,777


10 Arcadia Ln: Susan Fili to Marisa J. and Peter D. Stoehr, $749,933

Breckenridge 2 Condo Unit 202: Kemds Realty LLC to RWS Realty LLC, $100,000

9 Cluff Rd: John and Genevieve Serrano to Eric Velozo and Alicia Cullen, $350,000

5 Cole St: Gardner P. Chase to Leo J. and Laurie A. Couture, $360,000

Community St: John P. and Joyce M. Ruggerio to Daniel G. Leboeuf, $15,000

9 Crestwood Cir: Joseph A. Decosta to Kristine Fowler and John P. Luiso, $440,000

7 Darryl Ln: Michael&Heidi Downing RET and Heidi Downing to James M. and Maria E. Pacheco, $585,000

24 Golden Oaks Dr: Bank Of New York Mellon to Donald J. and Suzanne L. Barrett, $450,000

Granit Woods Condo Lot 39: DHB Homes LLC to Robert Fownes and Pamela Hintz, $506,400

44 S Shore Rd: Blake 2017 T and David W. Blake to Douglas E. and Kristie Ferguson, $565,000

5 Sally Sweet Way Unit 227: Edith M. Riogli to Nancy Ranese, $339,933

5 Sally Sweet Way Unit 242: Beliveau Eugene R Est and Paul R. Beliveau to Susan Hazel, $310,000

9 Surrey Ln: Timothy and Beth A. Pitcher to Daniel Ortega, $725,000

N/a Lot 10: Christopher J. and Andrea L. Sousa to Highland Realty LLC, $346,533


27 Snow Ln: Shane E. and Jennifer D. Mattson to Janelle and Christopher Macneil, $435,000


124 Ocean Dr: Katherine M Walsh RET and Katherine M. Walsh to Walter and Walter H. Suprey, $915,066


23 Braemar Rd Unit 23: Mimi Flanagan and Natasha Brown to Jessica L. Mclaughlin, $307,000

37 Burnham Rd: Dukenzbret LLC to Ryan Delucia and Shayla Derosa, $175,000

20 London Bridge Rd: Scott J. Serbousek to Timothy Fitzpatrick, $280,000

12 Ministerial Rd: James Jamieson to Jose and Katherine Hernandez, $530,000

61 Northland Rd: Michael C. Mcneil to Michael C. Mcneil and Marisa A. Williams, $852,000

32 Stacey Cir Unit 32: John P. and Heather L. Hickey to Varadharajan Srinivasan and A Manavasi-Rajagopalan, $326,000

15 Tarbell Rd: Valerie and Walter Blaschuk to Heather L. and John P. Hickey, $689,933




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