44 East Rd: JMF Realty LLC to Bryan T. and Jillian B. Seabrook, $332,000

Page Farm Condo Unit 31: Midlands Investments LLC to George L. and Corinne M. Terrien, $591,933


128 Orcutt Dr: Cartus Financial Corp to Robert and Elizabeth Vanderhoek, $516,000

27 Red Squirrel Ln: Jessica M. and Aaron S. Mcgurty to Lucas M. and Jessica A. Lambrou, $420,000

220 Villager Rd Unit 220: Steven R. and Ida N. Pare to Paul N. and Patricia F. Tremblay, $360,000

52 Webster Ln: Andre L. and Carrie E. Boucher to Aaron S. and Jessica M. Mcgurty, $395,000

N/a Lot 67-28: Peter and Deborah C. Bordonaro to Cartus Financial Corp, $516,000


38 Caleb Dr: Walter E. and Denise L. Chapman to Ridha AlSaadawi, $337,000

105 Caleb Dr: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Thomas M. Gordon, $560,933

4 Meghans Way: CMS Sullivan Inc to Jack D. and Jennifer S. Marrs, $430,000

N/a: Allan G. and Cheryl A. Hess to Cynthia G. Lavash, $275,000


66 Conleys Grove Rd: Robert F. and Nancy J. Hobbs to Gordon and Amelia Parks, $345,000

111 Franklin Street Ext: Todd Boyer to PKMD Properties LLC, $190,000

29 Gaita Dr: Charles J. Bono to Eric M. Ladouceur and Patricia Reed, $305,000

2 Garvin Rd: Susan E. and Terrence L. Poliquin to Jocelyn and Brooke Jenks, $223,000

9 Gena Ave: Lorien Coombs and NHFA to NHFA, $233,638

Hillside Estates Condo Unit 11: Lisa Greenhalgh to 55 Dearborn LLC, $134,000

47 Island Pond Rd: D H Cote&N Ricardo RET and Denis H. Cote to Anthony M. Potenza, $345,000

35 Lampton Dr: Christin A. Delisle to Marykate Horan and David J. Koerner, $437,000

21 Miltimore Rd: Louiselle A. Chouinard to Evadne Quartarone, $312,000

3 Nutfield Ct: Healyford Realty LLC to Robert and Hazal Porter, $254,800

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 6: Healyford Realty LLC to Barry Oxenford, $249,933

16 Old Chester Rd: Joseph D. and Laura A. Elliott to Karan and Jasmine Chadha, $400,000

166 Warner Hill Rd: Michelle R. Campbell to Timothy L. Smith and Jennifer R. Ganim-Smith, $520,533

12 Wyman St: Patrick StJohn and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $172,247


48 Buttrick Rd: Jason A. and Jennifer S. Mowery to James D. and Sarah A. Stockbridge, $417,000

Heath Rd: Stephen J. Dale to Jennifer A. Pope and Nicholas R. Colon, $373,000

N/a: Nijhof FT and Jerone Nijhof to Scott Cabana and Margorie Adriano, $434,000


27 Alexander Dr: Spring RT and Joyce M. Macdowell to Andrew S. and Stacey J. Brown, $529,933

High St: Cynthia Pariseau to Judy A. and Paul D. Dickinson, $409,933

5 Moore Ave: Keel Hldg LLC to Rogelio R. and Ingelore I. Illescas, $397,000

461 Ocean Blvd Unit A4: Kristine Mercuero-Tooker and Eric J. Mutter to Douglas and Robyn Ferronetti, $275,000

943 Ocean Blvd Unit 23: Athansasic C Mckenna RET and Athansasic C. Mckenna to Patrick M. and Cathleen C. Regan, $423,000

Ocean Crest Condo Unit A11: Paul D. and Judy A. Dickinson to Shauna M. and Marcia M. Carroll, $315,000

11 Saint Cyr Dr: Lento FT and Joseph V. Lento to Steven M. and Gail M. Schultz, $575,000

6 Seabury: Colleen M. Mccann and Jennifer Wolber to Jennifer Wolbar, $148,400

Stowecroft Dr: Joseph R. Doyle to C R. Schindler-Gills, $599,933

Timber Swamp Rd: Asset Title Holdings Co to Chinburg Development LLC, $2,650,000

1 Wingate St: Katherine M. Osswald and Tara E. Oleary to Heathea and Matthew M. Rankin, $394,000


No Transactions in this Town


68 Bayberry Ln Unit 68: Karen A. Laferriere to Miguel A. and Alison M. Rivera, $160,000

2 Crestview Cir Unit 73: Jamie Carrier to Colleen T. Sullivan, $160,000

14 Crestview Cir Unit 146: Marybeth Bova to Philip D. and Philip D. Bova, $165,000

5 Farm Meadows Ln: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Mitchell and Jenna Edwards, $592,933

195 Fieldstone Dr Unit 195: Aubrey E. Pervier to Kevin J. Bergeron, $215,000

20 Hardy Rd: Timothy Smith and Jennifer Ganin-Smith to Brian M. and Caroline L. Vernet, $355,000

Isabella Dr: Philip E. and Mary K. Tetreau to Ryan P. and Alyssa J. Call, $410,000

1 Lantern Ln: Kozlowski FT and Aimee R. Kozlowski to Jessica Grant, $444,000

15 Morway Dr: Patrice L. Helie to James M. Doherty and Taylor A. Kuegel, $346,533

3 Old Derry Rd: Patricia A Gates RET and Patricia A. Gates to William and Lydia L. Cerna, $475,000

21 Olde Country Village Rd Unit 21: Forrest George Gerard Est and Amanda Connors to Elizabeth M. Gehalo, $158,533

Rolling Meadows Condo Unit 7: Patricia F. Williams to Susan A. Newton, $170,000

1 Sugar Plum Ln Unit 1: Lynnette Ann Hanlon RET and Laurel J. Miller to David and Kristin Booth, $340,000

N/a Lot 5a2: Valenth FT and James F. Valenti to David Graichen and Colleen Oshea, $700,000


2 Lilac Way Unit 12: Robert L Tilton T and Robert L. Tilton to David and Susan Bunker, $369,933

5 Lincoln Rd: Dana A. and Tiffany L. Rabito to Brian T. Fraser, $360,000

83 Pond St: Keith Marcoccio to Scott M. and Kristinn E. Maxwell, $350,000

145 S Main St: Sec RT LLC to S&H Walker Woods LLC, $100,000


14 Evergreen Ave: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Matthew and Erin Sordillo, $459,933

14 Kennedy Dr: Richard A. Dean and Reverse Mortgage Funding to Matthew Soucy, $265,000

4 Mayflower Ln: Kenneth P. Maglio to Peter R. and Audrey R. Lonsway, $418,000

36 Natures Way: Mark A. and Marianne B. Simpson to Kristen M. Mckean, $479,000

N/a Lot 7-1-8: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Donna M Driscoll RET and Donna M. Driscoll, $496,733

N/a Lot 7-1: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to John C. Silva and Samantha L. Moniz-Silva, $486,000


14 Carlis Way: D&H Constrution Of Plaist to William and Gwendolyn Mayo, $550,000

Old Rd: William L. and Gwendolyn A. Mayo to Kevin B. and Jennifer Phillips, $275,000


7 Aqua Way: Margaret M. Corbett to Yves Dorleans, $650,000

9 Catherine Rd: Matthew E. and Arlene C. Brown to Margaret M. Corbett, $387,000

9 Central St Unit B: 9 Central Street LLC to Gralan Property Group LLC, $655,000

7 Cole St: Stephanie A. Joyce to John E. Mastrangelo, $365,000

6 Dogwood Rd Unit 6: DHB Homes LLC to Stephen and Nancy Baranowski, $540,400

13 Equestrian Rd: Daniel M&J E Zavisza RET and Daniel M. Zavisza to Ashley A. Sarasfield and Gergory E. Levesque, $494,000

15 Kayla Ave: Gary P. Demarco to Stephanie A. and Thomas Joyce, $483,000

14 King St: Heather Bradford to Heather J. Calder and Andrew C. Svenson, $268,600

37 Ticklefancy Ln: Thomas A. and Jill A. Oshaughnessy to Joseph and Nicole H. Vouris, $850,000

26 Town Village Dr Unit 26: George W. and Pauline L. Auclair to Daniel M&J E Zavisza RET and Daniel M. Zavisza, $439,900

N/a: Douglas M. and Susan M. Reilly to Xavier and Amber L. Vargas, $525,000


60 Tenney Rd: C&P Investments LLC to Robert Greatorex and Christine Langan, $424,933


73 Foggs Ln: Salt LLC to Emmalina Rodriguez and Timothy Tobey, $340,000

432-a New Zealand Rd: Michael Wilson to Stephen Z. and Tammy L. Harvey, $470,000

7 Tyngsboro St: M Cynthia Childs RET and M Cynthia Childs to Dennis R. Bilodeau, $580,000


14 Dunraven Rd: KCL Homes LLC to John and Lynn G. Pasqualetto, $1,075,000

24 Hawthorne Rd: Richard&M Dutrisac FT and Richard R. Dutrisac to Matthew and Bridget Cameron, $530,000

47 Hickory Ln Unit 47: Alexandra Detorres to Michelle R. Campbell, $335,000

55 London Bridge Rd: Derek and Jenifer Schena to Joseph D. and Laura A. Elliott, $639,000

Range Rd: Donald and Kelley Granahan to Marcel G. and Donna M. Matte, $659,000

114 Rockingham Rd: Gordon and Amelia Parks to Timothy Maslbas and Melissa Malbas, $279,933

5 Thorndike Rd: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Thomas A. and Jill A. Oshaughnessy, $270,000

26 Tokanel Rd: Laura Lane Properties Inc to Michael and Tara Espinola, $385,000

N/a: Kathleen M Clairmont RET and Kathleen M. Clairmont to Christopher O. and Monika A. Hussey, $802,000

N/a: Alonzo Farms LLC to Butterfield Ridge LLC, $715,000



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