30 Amberwood Dr: MDR Rehab&Dev LLC to Jeannette Colon and Joshua L. Reyes-Tronsoco, $520,000

5 Longview Dr Unit 5204: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to George and Grace Alakel, $464,533


N/a Lot 12: Sawmill Grant LLC to Jigsaw Builders LLC, $155,000

N/a Lot 13: Jigsaw Builders LLC to Angela Quintiliani RET and Angela Quintiliani, $659,000


51 Diamond Dr: Kristina R. Dade to Kristina R. Dade and Eric Svensonius, $236,000

102 G H Carter Dr: Jacqueline R Chase RET and Robert J. Chase to Sarah A. Ramey and John Rau, $460,000


30 Brook St Unit 7: Stage Crossing LLC to Andrew Moffett, $342,933

167 Bypass 28: Stacy L. and Evan M. Threlfall to James and Trisha Steere, $700,000

72 E Broadway: Charlotte R Christian RET and Alice Christian to Colleen A. Platt, $415,000

6 Grandview Ave: Gregg M. White to Eric White and Jeanny L. Chorney-White, $375,000

12 Maple St: Carol D. Boudreau and David L. Mazalauski to Deborah E. Whitney and Arthur Patriquin, $250,000

106 Old Chester Rd: Jean M. Gagnon to Scott Smith and Isabel Cristina Mas-Smith, $660,000

1 Rocco Dr Unit L: Leonard Vigneant to Samantha Cormier, $310,000


280 Main St: Karla D. Marcotte to Ross Q. Pitts and Crystal L. Dalton, $495,000

690 Main St: Jennifer J. Barnett to Stephen Goetz, $380,000


59 Hampton Towne Est Unit 59: Jamie E. Towne to Wendy A. Addison, $307,000

27 Highland Ave: Joseph F. and Sarah A. Byron to Summer Wind Prop LLC, $500,000

3 Malek Cir Unit 3: Doris M Labrie RET and Nancy M. Parker to Carolyn L. Macdonald and Alan M. Perline, $329,133


Chase St: Eleanor L. Childs to Nicholas D. Mascioli and Jessica S. Riley, $110,000

80 Hunt Rd: Michael and Lea Aquilina to Jacob N. and Laura J. Mintzer, $900,000


4 Braeburn Dr: Belize RE Holdings LLC to Peter Kurezy and Rachel Kerezy, $660,000

95 Chase Rd: Patricia Macneil to Jane A. and Sean P. Callahan, $500,000

26 Clover Ln: Now Comes Lorden Commons to Paul E. and Megan A. Giandomenico, $614,800

Cross Farm Condo Unit 153: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Harold B. and Janet J. Belson, $604,733

103 Hillside Ave: 103 Hillside LLC to Windham Realty LLC, $284,400

9 King Richard Dr: Alma G Bucklin T and Kimberly A. Bucklin to Brian and Sherri Moffett, $467,533

18 Kitt Ln: Dexter P. and Bonnie A. Brathwaite to Steven Brathwaite and Sandrine Iyizire, $425,000

Linforth Dr: Woodhaven LP to Londonderry Holdings LLC, $650,000

33 Mammoth Rd: Dianne Tajima FT and Dianne F. Tajima to Mark V. Cefalo, $375,000

4 Noonan Dr: William Tannalfo to Malcolm and Malery Young, $419,933

24 Raintree Dr: J&M Jellison FT and James G. Jellison to Nicole M. and Stephen H. Colt, $505,000

21 Tokanel Dr: Paul and Jennifer Davis to Caitlin and Robert Boulay, $575,000

14 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 67: Denise A. Gosselin to Gail A Amsler RET and Gail A. Amsler, $260,000

N/a: Patrick A. Mastrola to 18 Rockingham Rd LLC, $600,000


6 Philip Way: Christopher and Kristen Lavoie to Joseph Hanningan and Cheryl Hannigan, $650,000

191 S Main St: Cdecre LLC to 191 Victory Newton LLC, $425,000


4 Basswood Rd Unit 4: James W Petersen Built Hm to B&G Boraginc RT and Domenie Boragine, $460,333

6 Beacon Hill Rd: Rafaella Macgado-Gomes and Orhan Kallogieri to Orhan Kallogieri, $259,800

126 Frontier Dr: Nicholas Heeht and Melinda Hecht to Matthew and Dina Vandeventer, $645,000

66 Simpson Rd: Gary Yewey and Celine Mcarthur to Christopher J. and Leandra E. Mario, $695,000

Willow St: Maryfarm T and Dierdre J. Lynch to Luis Dosreis-Carvalho, $465,000

23 Yellow Wood Dr: Blake F. Clark and Sabina Chen to Justin C. Demasi and Brenda Lesley, $430,000

N/a: Prolyn Corp to 45 Bridge Street LLC, $7,454,000


Kelley Rd: S R&Judith R Thomas RET and Stephen R. Thomas to Yuli Realty LLC, $362,533

95-a Plaistow Rd: Storage Locker Plaistow to Brahman LLC, $5,275,000

11 Spinney Ave: Tierney L. Bois to Leopold and Blondie Alvaranga, $440,000


8 Alta Ave: James Maclean and Christine Mclean to Ramon E. Reynoso, $495,000

3 Betty Lee Ter: Roland Silva to Nicole D. and James L. Mazziotta, $545,000

110 Bluff St: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to 110 Bluff Street LLC, $180,000

118 Bluff St: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to 118 Bluff Street LLC, $180,000

46 Centerville Dr: Brian and Nancy Nastasi to Giang Nguyen, $440,000

5 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Christopher M. Fortunato and Heather L. Belanger, $225,000

5 Greenwood St: Azorian Albert Est and Laura J. Mccarthy to Annette Jimenez-Sanchez, $440,000

36 Hawkins Glen Dr: George S. and Grace L. Alakel to Elizabeth M. Cleasby and John T. Hester, $725,000

17 Henry Taylor St: Gerard Cassidy to Kylee Farnkoff and Nicholas Vogt, $297,000

24 N Main St: Michael J. Sharpe and Cristal M. Harmon to Zyon Bessette, $290,000

34 N Main St: Joel A. Anderson to Christopher M. Harvey, $340,200

50 N Main St Unit 5: Zoe Grosser and Leon Davidowski to Ana L. Silveira, $205,000

44 S Shore Rd: Douglas E. Ferguson and Kristie Fuerguson to Yuri Ostrovsky and Rutendo Kashamwa, $634,933

33 Wheeler Ave: Roger and Charlene Duford to Ingrid Lopez and Marta D. Gonzalez, $482,800


228 Fremont Rd: Kevin L. and Kathryn Coyle to Joseph A. Gordon, $275,000

9 Mallard Ln: Clayton S. and Kimbery A. Smith to Charles A. Pollano and Shawn A. Dias, $860,000


No Transactions in this Town


2 Autumn St: Kampa FT and Stephen B. Kampa to Aaron J. and Budsara Tarr, $600,000

Chapin Rd: K P Bergeron Dev LLC to John J. and Priscilla K. Gannon, $324,933

5 Costa Rd: Joseph F. and Meredith L. Ward to Adam T. Sheehan and Danielle Leone-Sheehan, $810,000

36 Hadleigh Rd Unit 36: Joanne W Bond T and Jeanne Martin to Patricia and Svante C. Stenbeck, $365,000

38 Jackman Ridge Rd: Fox FT and Brian J. Fox to Courtney and Brent Melanson, $960,000

82 Kendall Pond Rd: R&L Patterson Ward FT and Richard B. Ward to Stephen T. Mastalerz and Kristen E. Gargiulo, $600,000

32 Mockingbird Hill Rd: David A. Kopp to Jessica and Donald Dumais, $800,000

167 Range Rd: Lebel Investments LLC to Fernando J. and Amanda Castro, $490,000

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