SOLD! Real Estate Transfers


114 Fieldstone Ln: Matthew P. and Diane Geary to Mark R. Deluca and Heidi L. Deschamps, $600,000

2 Ledge Rd: Angelo R. Fisichella to Kenneth M. and Mary A. Burridge, $315,933


74 Jennifer Dr: Loring FT and Joseph P. Loring to Killam FT and Dana F. Killam, $392,533

111 Town Farm Rd: Emily A. Zajano and Jason M. Murray to Olson FT and David S. Olson, $503,533


35 Emerald Dr: David R. Ryan to Thomas D. and Stephanie F. Apitz, $410,000

62 Gerry Dr: Brett C. and Kelly J. Smith to David and Kim Gallant, $349,933


105 Bypass 28: Falcos LLC to Kenneth W. Hoffman, $252,000

92 E Broadway Unit 16: Gregory Bushey to Omsar and Evelyn Loaiza, $97,000

24 Eastgate Rd: William Kummer and Christina Millar to Alyssa Sheridan, $460,000

11 English Range Rd: Andrew K. Howell to Remnir LLC, $309,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 2-1: Jan F. Gadde to Carolyn Walsh, $241,000

4 Pembroke Dr Unit 12: Edith M. Bragel and CIT Bank NA to CIT Bank NA, $114,000

25 Phillip Rd Unit R: Nathan D. and Karen M. Clark to Thomas R. Bennett and Michelle A. Paris, $217,533

15 Rollins St: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Fimby Property LLC, $135,000


Kent Farm Rd: Patrick T. Godfrey to Roy Guilherme and Laura Kobylis, $160,000

200 Stage Rd: Adam&Karen Isreal RET and Adam H. Isreal to Rebecca and Jonathan Ingalls, $392,000

N/a Lot 2: Ernest R Brown Constr to David and Karen Coish, $160,000


17-19 Gill St: Firepoint Properties LLC to Violena LLC, $225,000

12 Hampton Mdws Unit 12: James H. Giuca to Kim A. and John J. Murphy, $430,000

488 High St: Candice M. Stellmach to Marc P. and Christine C. Auger, $850,000

55 Island Path: Elaine D. Davieau and Cynthia A. Cadagan to Micah C. Gummel, $291,000

Mace Rd: Barbara M. Collins to Pauline I. and Coreyt E. Wyman, $330,000

20 Meadow Pond Rd: David R. Garneau and Lindsey B. Dupont to Margaret Herlehy, $315,000

611 Ocean Blvd Unit 3: James and Karen Burke to John Webber, $245,000

938 Ocean Blvd: Janis C. and James M. Reams to Mark R. Gunville, $344,933

975 Ocean Blvd Unit 4: Janis C. and James M. Reams to Mark R. Gunville, $344,933

24 Seabury Unit 24: Sean Mccarthy to Rita M. Manley, $142,533

20 Shirley Ter: Glenn E. Randall to Patrick P. Murphy and Rachel E. Grafton, $260,000

28 Stowecroft Dr: William C. Johns to Joseph Schena and Laura J. Simard, $547,000


No Transactions in this Town


58 Chase Rd: Rene Belanger to Ashley M. and Kyle R. Greenlaw, $300,000

45-c Constitution Dr Unit 45: Averden Investments LLC to Tyler F. Krupa, $140,000

31 Fieldstone Dr Unit 31: Trevor J. Sprague to Brent D. Holcombe, $203,533

188 High Range Rd: James E. and Nancy P. Kneidel to Craig M. and Karyn F. Farnsworth, $355,000

57 Morrison Dr Unit 57: John J. and Ann M. Finn to John E. Walsh and Judith M. Healey-Walsh, $480,000

16 Pendleton Ln Unit 16: Jeffrey M. Rodgers to Edward Kalas and Natalia Resiak, $175,000

113 Sandstone Cir Unit 113: Gabrielle J. Perreault and Wells Farbo Bank NA to Gatheral Properties Inc, $116,000

23 Wimbledon Dr: Kenneth W. and Sandra A. Hoffman to Laura K. Bradbury and Paul Matiash, $398,000


14 Whippoorwill Dr: Robert G. Sneider to Jesse and Carly Fowler, $279,933


5 Bowman Ln: Robert J. Morgan to Michael P. and Lillian F. Savage, $447,533

68 Tanager Cir Unit 68: 61A Nashua Rd Landholdgs to Robert and Leslie Newhook, $439,933


42 Harriman Rd: Pat B. Sok and Chantha S. Pen to Raymond Dunn, $235,000

128 Newton Rd Unit 39: Raymond F. Dunn to Kathleen Derby, $192,000

182 Plaistow Rd Unit 1: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Hany Shhata, $100,000

48 Westville Rd Unit 1-5: Kristi Bassett to Nyla Rodriguez, $129,000


27 Autumn Woods Rd: Linda J. Doherty to Robert C. and Keri Grasso, $470,000

51 Cross St: FJ8 LLC to Thomas J. and Allison M. Brunelle, $60,000

71 Cross St: Kevin Fitzgerald to Dennis Torres, $283,400

190 Lancaster Farm Rd: Michael F. and Susan L. Sullivan to Camelia and Apollon Bouzerdan, $465,000

91 Lawrence Rd: Ann Arsenault to Jonathan and Stephanie Ramos, $619,933

254 N Broadway Unit 103: CEJ Realty Corp to Fast Break Investments, $175,000

116 Pleasant St: Elaine Fancy to 116 Pleasant St SPE LLC, $341,000

11 Tiffany Rd Unit 3: Michael P. Walsh to Barnett Ricketts, $146,000


50 Holts Point Rd: Stachulski FT and Thomas R. Stachulski to Lag Holdings LLC, $80,000


73 Foggs Ln: SN Rental NT and Furmer H. Souther to Salt LLC, $160,000

43 Halls Way: Lawrence H. and Carol A. VanLiere to Patrick M. and Caherine A. Owens, $485,000


61 Brookview Rd Unit 61: Doris F. Seyfferth to Nicole and Erik Norman, $280,000

14 Dunraven Rd: Kyle D. and Shelly Draeger to KCL Homes LLC, $240,000

12 Farrwood Rd: Kyle Segal to John P. and Lee Clark, $510,000

11 Harris Rd: Gerda Marechal to Ramon T. and Maria V. Talavera, $269,900

56 Mitchell Pond Rd: Falsetti FT and Nicole Falsetti to Jacqueline M. and Keith A. Bennett, $580,000

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