HAMPSTEAD/KINGSTON — The Hampstead/Kingston Republican Committee will hold its monthly meeting on Thurs., June 13.at 6:30 p.m. in the Hampstead Library located at 9 Mary Clarke Drive.

The committee will be discussing proposed legislation in Concord and the potential effect on your rights as well as income. So far this session the Democrats have proposed legislation granting illegal aliens the right to vote, an income tax disguised as a "fee" as well as over $400,000,000 in increased spending.

Additionally, they will be discussing strategies to ensure the success of Republican candidates and ideals in upcoming elections.

All Republicans and like-minded independents are invited to attend and lend your thoughts and voices to the process

To quote Thomas Jefferson, "All tyranny needs to be successful is for people of good conscience to say nothing." Come, speak up and be heard.



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