NEWTON —Highlights from the Newton Recreation Commission Meeting on July 14:

Red Sox World Series Trophy: Matt Burrill has arranged for the Red Sox World Series Trophy of 2013 to come to Newton on Wednesday July 16, from 3-5. We would like to have residents and neighbors see it at Greenie Park, but if weather is a problem, we will have alternate plans. There will be baseball fare for sale like hot dogs, water, chips and cracker jacks, and baseball music. We will be asking for a $5 donation to the Greenie Park renovation fund and will also hold a 50/50 raffle.

Motorcycle Rally: Matt and Officer Leanne are working on this for early September. There are a couple of issues to be overcome. One stopping place under consideration is the Seacoast Harley. Three others are needed, and then ending at the Hen House with a dinner.

Greenie quotes, priorities: Annie presented ideas for infrastructure work at Greenie with pricing so far. The Commission discussed these ideas and decided to prioritize the following as a starting point:

-Six picnic tables at Greenie and two at the Town Beach.

-BBQ grills for Greenie.

-Move the batting cage, according to the master plan for Greenie.

-Separate the Skate Board Park from the Playground area: This is the #1 wish that Recreation has gotten feedback on, from users of both facilities.

-Tennis Court area: Removal of the fence, removal of half of the tennis court asphalt and repair of cracks, and rebuild the wall-ball. The tennis court poles and fencing can be saved at the Transfer Station for future. The skateboard park fencing can also be repurposed to signage at the Town Beach.

- In the future, we want to get additional swings for the playground.

-Also under consideration is adding an outdoor water fountain for about $4,000.

Fundraising Goals for Greenie Park: The Commission decided that the goal of building the two main play hills, with slide, climbing wall, stadium seating and rock scramble are the first goal at a total cost of $65,000. This amount includes $20,000 of materials, including 338 tons of clean fill, 16 tons of rock in varying sizes from 18” to 24”, and 78 yards of loam. In addition, 2/3 of a semi-truck of various kinds of rock is needed. If we get these donated in whole or in part, the cost of the hill will be reduced. We already have one hundred yards of clean fill valued at $900.00 being donated by Gibbs Construction, Annie said.

We accepted the donation of $250 from Pest End into our revolving fund for Greenie Park improvements and $500 from Ravensberger. We also accepted $16.56 in cash donations, $15.56 of which is from the A&M Variety Store in the Junction, to our revolving fund for Greenie Park improvements.

(Editor’s note: Due to space constraints, the entire minutes are posted online at

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