16 Balmoral St Unit 218: Philip M. Cataldo to James Walsh and Stephanie Morrison-Walsh, $310,000

     2 Colonial Dr Unit 2E: Matthew R. Newcomb to Dream RT and Mohamed Nfatahi, $166,000

     10 Ellsworth Rd: Tekchandani&Moorjani FT and Rajesh Tekchandani to Jason Bunnell-Harty and Elizabeth Harty, $1,250,000

     50 Elm St: Anthony S. Grise to Paula and Gary Kazangian, $1,100,000

     20 Enfield Dr: David and Lisa Diantonio to Mei Sun and Yuhui Shang, $1,260,000

     2 Francis Dr Unit 104: Donna Schifano to Susie A. Westphal, $136,048

     185 Greenwood Rd: Cynthia J. Pitera to Corey Lynch and Nicole Panjian, $665,000

     133 Hidden Rd: 133 Hidden Road RT and Richard A. Lux to Robert E. Vardaro and Molly Mckeown-Vardaro, $840,000

     15 Iron Gate Dr: Buyer Accepted LLC to Sohal and Tonny Barua, $846,600

     105 Lowell St: Jane E Kopp RET and Jane E. Kopp to Isabel Bree and Dylan Ring, $610,000

     49 Lupine Rd Unit 1: Suzanne Harvey T and Suzanne G. Harvey to Katherine Vincent, $389,900

     49 Lupine Rd Unit 2: Sheri L. Radoux to Sarsita Mitra and Naveen Pandey, $420,000

     237 N Main St Unit 10: Chunsheng and Yuanlin Dong to Shixuan Song, $235,000

     1 Powder Mill Sq Unit 107: Misook Paik to Bertrand A. and Camille L. Ouellette, $510,000

     5 Preston Cir: Karen L Krichmar RET and Karen L. Krichmar to James M. and Mistina M. Davis, $1,750,000

     2 Punchard Ave: Aquarius RT and Andrew F. Shea to Coventry Development Inc, $1,300,000

     18 Reservation Rd: Dennis F. and Eileen P. Forgue to Jacob R. Eddy and Andreina M. Madrid, $1,053,250

     22 Somerset Dr: Tao and Ji Yu to Nadeem Mohammad and Sehrish Nadeem, $1,340,000


     59 Boren Ln: Edward J. Grimley to Peter Gallo, $1,100,000

     35 Glendale Rd: 39 Glendale Road T and Alan A. Johnson to David A. and Kelly M. Sonnenshein, $800,000

     16 Main St: Gerard J. and Patricia G. Smith to John D. and Valerie S. Kuthe, $839,000

     376 Middleton Rd: Alyse M. and Thomas E. Brussard to Nathaniel S. Hunt, $585,000

     82 Valley Rd: Mark W. Houston to Alyse M. and Thomas E. Brussard, $740,000

     108 Washington St: Aksil Bareche to Attilla and Ayca Akil, $540,000


     35 Arthur Ave: Ronald M. and Dolores M. Lanoue to Maria Rodrigues-Peres, $409,800

     55 Berube Ln: Berube Lane LLC to Brittany Dasilva and Carlos Guillermo, $785,650

     9 Boxwood Cir: David F. and Cynthia C. Cunningham to Sneha and Nickul Shah, $845,000

     495 Broadway Rd: Gerald J. Laroche to Dow Development LLC, $350,000

     42 Cass Ave: Jonathan P. and Amanda J. Mclaughlin to Robert D. and Jordana E. Rochon, $375,000

     30 Clough Dr: Andrea C. and David E. Dickson to Jaqueline V. Sampaio, $770,000

     4 Fuller Ave: Shawn Blades to Chheang Hoit-Eam and Phally Hour, $680,000

     1332 Hildreth St: Joseph A. Ducharme to Nasa Suon, $660,000

     36 Maille Ave: Ronald Reposa to Timothy and Courtney Gedrich, $465,000

     66 Nottingham Rd: Timothy A. and Lisa M. Hayward to William J. and Danielle Butt, $600,000

     665 Robbins Ave Unit 4: Chip Chaunamom to Alison M. Harris and Jacob Driscoll, $290,000

     175 Tyngsboro Rd: Debra A. Dickinson to Amanda Freeman and Kurt Davis, $405,000

     254 Willard St: Rachel C Godfroy LT and Rachel Godfroy to Valentina and Ivan Paniagua, $435,000

     33 Wilson Rd: Henry Smallenberger to Nancy Mburu, $750,000


     11 Brook Meadow Ln: Margaret A. Kennedy to Hollis and Sean Kelly, $905,000

     107 King George Dr Unit 1: Dawn Cobak to Davin J. and Calya B. Moriarty, $335,000

     11 Lake Ave: Karen Decoster LT and Karen A. Decoster to Kristen D. and Larry A. Wiseheart, $775,000

     26 Londonderry Ln: David and Erin Coates to Kaija Aploks and Brookes Townsend, $980,000

     43 Prospect St Unit 43: Elisa A. and Steven R. Giusti to Susan Ollove, $390,000

     67 Searle St: Cathleen M. Girard to David and Katherine Maldonado, $500,000

     18 Taylor St: Anthony R. Flynn to Katelyn A. Parhiala and Scott E. Frash, $635,000


     13 Apple Blossom Way: Ralph A. and Maureen A. Christie to Alfonso and Anna Deguglielmo, $692,000

     7 Cannon Hill Rd Ext: Colin and Jessica Stokes to Derek R. and Laura J. Sears, $549,900

     85 Main St: Karl G. Smith to K&W Main St Realty LLC, $156,000


     887 Boston Rd: P Diburro&Sons Inc to Princeton Ward Hill LLC, $4,026,195

     683 Broadway: Pamela J. and William E. Mccarthy to Jill I. and William J. Mccarthy, $395,000

     1466 Broadway: Frank F. and Sasha J. Richardson to Jamie L. and Kadeem Casimir-Johnson, $470,000

     4 Central St: Jonathan Haigh and Brian Cormier to Raul Frias and Nereyda A. Veras-Defrias, $665,000

     58 Crystal Ct: Leandro M. Cardona and Viviana Beatriz to Shane Feit, $616,000

     3 Elaine Marie Dr: Douglas P. and Robin M. Warren to Michelle M. and Robert B. Tremblay, $640,000

     1 Heritage Farm Rd: Anderson IRT 2012 and Roger E. Anderson to Karin J. Bosque, $610,000

     38 Kenoza St: Altan RT and Eric Nauffts to Jose L. Fermin-Cabrera and Ivelisse E. Paulino, $610,000

     40 Lindel St: Scott A. Byron to Brian Peters, $450,000

     413 Main St: Stewart FT and Barbara J. Stewart to Nora and Solange Belardo, $576,000

     15 Mercury Ter Unit 15: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Benjamin Hill and Cristina Diisso, $335,000

     77 Mercury Ter Unit 77: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Joshua Boisvert and Daniela Pelaez, $335,000

     51 Mount Vernon St: Chester Gawrys to Scott Byron and Sharon Buckley, $600,000

     440 North Ave Unit 243: Artaud Basseth to Anh Thi and Thuy Pham, $205,000

     440 North Ave Unit 31: Thomas Arcand to Stephen Quinlan, $225,000

     77 Old Ferry Rd: Laurie A. Barrett to Edward J. Grimley, $744,000

     20 Peoples Pl: Nicole Panjian and Corey Lynch to Nathan Chasse and Amanda Desroches, $530,000

     10 Porter St: Willson G. Garcia-Acosta to Yojairi Mueses and Ohelmen Mendez-Vicente, $675,000

     10 Prescott St: Elaine Ouellette to Ariel Gabriel and James Radford, $490,000

     339 Primrose St: Stone Jeffrey Est and Susan Stone to Wellinthon R. Ovalles and Raquel S. Palm, $545,000

     13 Robert Rd: Roy J. Mckinney to Kristina C. and Scott R. Granwehr, $700,000

     54-56 S Chestnut St: Joseph Mcdonald and Kristin G. Deponte to Richard P. Beshara and Robert C. Lynch, $537,500

     121-1/2 S Elm St Unit 121H: Benjamin C. Rollins to Celia Rollins and Jonathan M. Curran, $160,000

     30 Tiverton Ave Unit 30: Kelly A. Owens-Bryer and Lawrence A. Bryer to Lesley and Stacie L. Whittier, $345,500

     625 W Lowell Ave Unit 21: Jason Juodikis and Tina Nikitiuk-Judikis to Jason Goutier, $209,000

     625 W Lowell Ave Unit D212: Gary T. Hammond to National RT and Frank A. Cieri, $170,000

     70 Washington St Unit 608: Joseph N. Caulfield to Stephen Doherty, $336,000

     965 Western Ave: Bank Of America NA to Jose Adames-Ramos, $270,000

     15 Woodrow Ave: Raul Frias and Nereyda A. Veras-Defrias to Evens Bazile and Rose S. Baptiste, $470,000


     647 Andover St: Heavenly Invs 4 LLC to Chizmas Hldg Lawrence LLC, $2,000,000

     86-88 Bradford St: Bradford Street LLC to Alternative Plaza LLC, $1,200,000

     316 Broadway: 1 Hardt LLC to Ashgemi Corp, $1,300,000

     319-323 Broadway: 1 Hardt LLC to Ashgemi Corp, $1,300,000

     325 Broadway: 1 Hardt LLC to Ashgemi Corp, $1,300,000

     63 Coolidge St: Church Christ In Lawrence to Anelly&Rachell LLC, $600,000

     262 E Haverhill St Unit 11: Thomas J. Crowley to Wissam and Marlyse Daaboul, $170,000

     275 Essex St: Austin S. and Melissa E. Carroll to El Mero Mole LLC, $335,000

     12 Eutaw St: Newell Farm Builders Inc to Karl and Caitlyn Armano, $765,000

     17 Hale St: Vionnette Vasallo to Glenny Garcia, $555,000

     273 Haverhill St: Labelle Maison LLC to 279 Park Management LLC, $575,000

     60-62 Hawley St: Irene C. Espinal to Gissell and Deyanira Eduardo, $520,000

     9 Hobson St Unit B: Yeladim RT and Dana S. Cohen to Mary and Christopher Baril, $270,000

     147 Marston St: Garen A. and Hagop A. Jarkian to Mkac Realty LLC, $1,400,000

     38 Newton St: Jose and Mercedes Valdez to A Delcarmen-Deleon, $575,000

     52 Oakside Ave: Nathan G. Patrick and Yesenia M. Torres to Sandy Duran, $420,000

     48-50 Stearns Ave: Yudelka M. Reyes to Kasey A. Taveras, $527,000

     48 Washington St: Long Term Rentals LLC to Julianna C. and Eliberto Mercedes, $546,000

     9 Water St: 1 Hardt LLC to Ashgemi Corp, $1,300,000

     15 Water St: 1 Hardt LLC to Ashgemi Corp, $1,300,000


     45-47 Adelaide Ave: Petralia Maria M Est and Susan C. Hubbard to Verenice R. and Ramon R. Fernandez, $565,000

     20 Annette St: Joan L. Sneed to Sika Chau and Thanh H. Tran, $455,000

     5 Ashford St: Yara A. Mejia to Rober A. Medina and Alba Castillo, $520,000

     21 Bentley Cir Unit 21: Raquel K. Munoz to Bree E. and Benjamin C. Canner, $340,000

     8 Brown Ct: Wendy S. Mejia to Yara A. Mejia, $580,000

     99 East St: Albidalia Vargas and Felix Rodriguez to Jacqueline A. and Agenol Horton, $580,000

     7 Fox Run Ln: Walter F. and Sarah E. Dedrick to Nick and Paru Patel, $650,111

     343 Hampshire Rd: Stephen P. Corbin and Newrez LLC to Newrez LLC, $366,773

     14 Heather Dr Unit 14: Robert M. Zarella to Benjamin Tavares, $525,000

     22 Herrick Dr Unit 22: Avola Family 2015 RET and Cologera Avola to 22 Herrick Drive RT and Nicholas F. Dicenso, $590,000

     50 Larchwood Rd: Francis Rojas to Daury Lopez-Villa, $350,000

     311 Lowell St: Kamal Azzi to Tony and Lieu Nguyen, $500,000

     726 Lowell St: Robert H. and Paula F. Jalbert to Brian and Marianne Pereira, $740,000

     46 Old Ferry Rd: Triple G Property LLC to 46 Old Ferry Road LLC, $7,200,000

     30 Phoebe St Unit 30: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Donna Taylor, $772,031

     119 Pleasant Valley St: Robert Frazier to David A. Roblero-Velazquez and Maria L. Perez-Echeverria, $410,000

     53 Railroad St: Dennis M. and Elizabeth Foley to Ivelisse Batista, $400,000

     2 Rivers Edge Pl: Terence J. Moynihan to Marcos Almonte and Jessica M. Matias, $530,000

     45 Washington St Unit 99: James L. Landry to Tanya Willcox and Heath Bailey, $380,000

     12-14 Wayside Ave: Christopher A. and Andrea M. Incollingo to Dulce Espejo and Augusto C. Mejia, $720,000

     97 Wingate Ave: Poulin FT and Paul H. Ackroyd to Nathan and Yesenia Patrick, $699,999

     191 Woodburn Dr: Goldman RT and Richard G. Asoian to Raquel Munoz, $590,000


     29 Anne Rd: Megan W Warner RET and Jay C. Warner to David and Erin Coates, $1,615,000

     400 Bear Hill Rd: Robert Gropman to Mark S. and Robin M. Hartnett, $1,550,000

     14 Bixby St: S F 3rd&B M Kimball RET and Stephen F. Kimball to Escipion and Kenia Baez, $975,000

     2 Harvest Dr Unit 108: Leonard R. and Beverly D. Shuman to Ghita Amrani-Hanchi and Bilal Ali, $395,000

     2 Harvest Dr Unit 112: Dino and Marisa Difronzo to Angela Addonizio, $410,000

     3 Harwich St Unit 3: Kathleen S. Ward to James L. Landry, $410,000

     4 Lacy St: Bonnie W Vincent RET and Bonnie W. Vincent to David and Anya Denby, $915,000

     83 Old Farm Rd: James E. and Jillian C. Buckley to Caroline and Andrew Holstein, $975,000

     100 Old Village Ln: Jeffrey S. French and Susan Rochwarg to Sean and Robyn S. Lunsford, $1,225,000

     15 Phillips Ct: Mamft RT LLC to Daniel Abrahamson and Lauren Waslick, $764,900

     28 Stage Coach Rd: John R. and Susan M. Percival to Dahlia Rizk, $1,100,000

     30 Troy Rd: US Bank NA Tr to GM Flips LLC, $339,000

     2502 Tupelo Cir Unit 2502: Steven and Sheryl Max to James and Carol Smith, $627,500

     5 Village Green Dr Unit 5: Michael A. Furbush to Chun H. Lorenz-Wan and Yan Y. Fong, $365,000

     13 Walker Rd Unit 2: Arthur Guthrie and Lindsay Grazio to Deborah Applin, $325,000

     83 Waverley Rd: J Y RT and Yvonne M. Ciardiello to Kervin Presley and Syha B. Pheng, $759,000

     108 Windkist Farm Rd: 108 Windkist Farm Rd NT and Eloise Y. Johnson to Ping Zhang, $1,370,000


     4 Agatha Way: Lawrence and Cheryl Hemley to Alexander B. Koblansky and Lindsay Brooke-Avery, $1,409,000

     11 Belmont Ln: 11 Belmont Ln N Reading and Brenda L. Sutherland to Julissa J. and Blair S. Krenitsky, $1,185,000

     14 Charles St: Sandra Hafiz Inc to Jingyong Pan and Xiaolu Liu, $1,830,000

     12 Little Meadow Way: Matthew and Stephanie Lundy to Anastasios G. Skalkos and Eve Morocco, $2,100,000

     12 Tarbox Ln: Tarbox RT and David D. Jenks to Taryn K. Sheldrake, $1,340,000


     101 Folly Mill Rd: Jacquelyn B. Dascoli to M&M NT and Michael Wolpert, $110,000

     140 Railroad Ave Unit 1: Herman F. and Anne M. Lawrence to Paul W. Allen and Paula Waterman-Allen, $425,000

     8 Salty Tear Ln Unit 8: Queen Of Hearts RT and Janet A. Cucurullo to Jeanne M. and John M. Anderson, $700,000

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