16 Balmoral St Unit 219: Constance D Boretti RET and Constance D. Boretti to Susan K. Sheldon, $317,000

     7 Barron Ct: Zhengrong Chen and Yan Gu to Lindsay and Scott Irving, $2,408,000

     25 Bateson Dr: Aldo Esposito and Mary-Kay Messier-Esposito to Erkan FT and Murat Erkan, $1,310,000

     102 Bellevue Rd: Gang Liu and Jie Yao to Bulent and Tugba Kiziltan, $1,350,000

     61 Blanchard St: William T. and Caroline J. Buchanan to Courtney A. Lacey, $920,000

     36 Corbett St: John S. and Heather A. Hill to Stephen D. and Caroline F. Pisani, $660,000

     1 Deerberry Ln: Aycardi LT and Ernesto Aycardi to Kurt and Theresa Eichenwald, $1,735,000

     2 Fraser Dr: Robert Casazza and Angela D. Short to Chang B. and Soo K. Jo, $1,800,000

     3 Inwood Ln: Bolliger RT and Glen A. Bolliger to Xiangjun Tian and Jing Zheng, $1,125,000

     35 Juliette St: Becca Tacy to Richard R. and Elizabeth A. Diodati, $650,000

     21 Kenilworth St: Nancy B. Salafia to Thomas Kirumira and Harriet Nalubega, $630,000

     430 Lowell St: Elb NT and Nancie G. Guilmet to 430 Lowell Street NT and Sasha S. Weinreich, $450,000

     8 Lupine Rd: Andover Cmnty T Inc to Lucy Gomez, $181,600

     8 Lupine Rd: Andover Cmnty T Inc to Juana Duarte, $181,600

     12 Regency Rdg: Rauh RT and Thomas H. Rauh to Jue Zhang and Lidong Yang, $3,550,000

     14 Regency Rdg: Rauh RT and Thomas H. Rauh to Jue Zhang and Lidong Yang, $3,550,000

     Riverside Woods Unit 2308: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Albert H. and Eileen T. Long, $551,195

     Riverside Woods Unit 2309: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to George D. and Francine T. Tsoukalas, $568,450

     Riverside Woods Unit 304: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Brian C. and Karen M. Mccarthy, $577,245

     Riverside Woods Unit 2402: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Janet C. and Hiroshi Kazo, $544,635

     Riverside Woods Unit 240: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Kenneth V. and Stephanie Burd, $597,995

     Riverside Woods Unit 2405: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Daniel J. and Kathleen Gunnery, $610,445

     12 Stevens Cir: David P. George to Lynne Deflorio, $200,000

     8 Sutherland St: David and Sarah Croteau to Camille Fantini and Christina Rusinak, $815,000

     7 Waverly Dr: Michele C. and Christopher J. Fournier to Brian P. and Molly M. Lowell, $975,000


     19-A Bayns Hill Rd: Deborah S Ledger LT and Deborah S. Ledger to Colleen Britton and Michael Wilson, $2,150,000

     4 Hillside Rd: Beverly A Obrien LT and Beverly O. May to Alyssa-Olivia G. and Mitchell L. Noah, $750,000

     209-A Ipswich Rd: M Fermin Viviers T and Michael T. Mcgovern to Dylan Walton-Yedlin and Jamie L. Yedlin, $1,850,000

     393 Ipswich Rd: Cindy J. and Kevin G. Ouellette to Adriel and Marc E. Hall, $725,000

     82 King George Dr: 82 King George Drive NT and Richard A. Beckerleg to Brenna and Michael Dobbins, $845,000

     251 Main St: Anthony W. Cincotta to Andrew I. and Emily C. Gregory, $1,550,000

     361 Main St: 361 Main Street RT and Barbara J. Grant to Charles and Leslie Grant, $800,000

     400 Main St: C&C Crowninshield IRT and Cindy Crowinshield to Cristiano and Karla Mota, $880,000

     27 Sheffield Rd: Patricia J. and William P. Puglisi to Andrea B. and Jason Saglimbene, $1,000,000


     85 Janice Ave: John W. Haddad to Andrew M. Poitras and Samantha I. Jacobs, $380,000

     225 Jones Ave: RJP&TMP Family RT and Raymond J. Poirier to Leonard Moscone, $750,000

     4 Kettle Way: Donald G. and Nancy M. Patch to Colin H. and Melinda R. Costello, $780,000

     21 Partridge Rd: Daniel J. and Linda M. Hogan to Ronald C. and Janine D. Cates, $760,000

     645 Robbins Ave Unit 56: John W. and Mary E. Stafford to Juan I. Rivera and Destinee J. Durant, $245,000

     115 Stuart Ave Unit 23: 15 Stuart Ave Unit 23 RT and Nancy I. Toland to Kristin L. Fiore, $400,000

     94 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 6: Niko A. Fabri to Kyle Mcnally, $300,000

     88 Thissell Ave: Laurie A. Macneill to Matthew J. Courtois, $460,000

     22 Vermont Ave: Germaine I. Woodman to Ricky Soun and Elisabeth Hout, $461,100


     9 Bailey Ln: Colleen A. and Geoffrey M. Beckett to Robert A. Firth and Brianna M. Trodella, $612,500

     15 Crescent Dr: Luke Christian RT and Albert C. Couillard to Glenn and Regina Huete, $889,900


     110 Gardner St: Donna M. and Robert L. Brown to Louis C. Appolloni and Kathleen Haddock, $450,000

     662 Salem St: Joan and James J. Bevelaqua to Ryan and Sarah Doucette, $440,000


     71 7 Sister Rd: Seven Sister Road LLC to Elizabeth and George W. Devillafranca, $1,350,000

     17 Abbott St: Jaime G. Crowley-Zalaket and John P. Zalaket to Taylor Gillette, $735,000

     25 Blaisdell St: Leonor Rosario to Adonis and Danaury L. Remigio, $615,000

     6 Blye Rd: Barbara A. and Norman S. Round to Justin R. Hascup and Sarah Simons, $820,000

     20 Doane St: Joan A. Toshach to Eric D. and Karla L. Kolibas, $541,000

     264 Farrwood Dr Unit 264: Brian S. and Gregory J. Perry to Gajtis Bejleri and Courtney Corbelle, $372,500

     72-74 Fountain St: Michael W. Allicon to Bo Wang and Kyle A. Ward, $715,000

     89 Goodale St: Jordyn K. and Joshua A. Carter to Brianna Allan and Cameron Sweeney, $430,000

     71 Hanscom Ave: Lisa J. Desberg to Marissa Mccormack and Jeremy Smalley, $580,000

     4 Haverhill St: Ataan and Keri J. Kurgun to Leandro Bergamini and Lucimere D. Junqueira, $650,000

     9 Hendrick St Unit 9: Robinson O. Pacher and Sandra R. Burato-Pacher to Mallory M. Morton and Mark D. Sudherland, $510,000

     53 Lake St: Cruz Cisneros and Flor I. Tejada to Gary Snyder, $435,000

     200 Lincoln Ave: Cheryl A. and Proctor N. Hayes to Melissa and Trevor Lavin, $390,000

     Oliver St Unit 69: Chesley J. and Marie P. Maslowski to Bradford Unlimited Corp, $355,000

     Oliver St Unit 71: Chesley J. and Marie P. Maslowski to Bradford Unlimited Corp, $355,000

     77 River St: J G&A C Everett RET and Ann C. Everett to James Quirk, $260,000

     747 River St Unit 3: Winthrop RT and Kathleen A. Guselli to Christine and Franciso Marte, $239,900

     635 Riverside Ave Unit 11: Maryanne Clarke to Janice L. Fahey and Thomas J. Tremblay, $400,000

     15 Rosemont St: Jennifer F. and Jon P. Farmer to Jon P. Farmer, $105,000

     225 Rosemont St: Ashley and Dalton Doherty to Diana S. Visco, $447,000

     134 S Cross Rd: Amy Goldfarb to Perrin Pearse, $118,293

     73 Silver St: Leandro Bergamini and Dasilva Junqueira to Laura Johnson and Katherine Sullivan, $580,000

     24 Snow Rd: Jocelyn Maroun and Richard Sfeir to Eleni I. and Konstantinos Soteropoulos, $779,000

     43 Sterling Ln Unit 43: Maureen Sullivan to Derek R. Cooke, $325,000

     20 Victor St Unit 1: Maureen E Ryan T and Maureen E. Ryan to Omar Shahin, $319,900

     62 Washington St Unit 10: Barbara A. Ciccolini to Market Square T and Bradley Towns, $235,000

     105 Westchester Dr Unit 105: Lois E. Grey and Nicole G. Trotman to Stephen E. Cohen and Sharon B. Gantman, $505,000

     61 Woodmont Ave: Daniel J. Hinds to Daniel M. and Francesca Lee, $410,000


     1 Berkeley Ct: Thang Pham to Yesson D. Bier-Berroa, $330,000

     116-118 Bowdoin St: Marina E. and Estefania Lockward to Jorge L. Martinez, $630,000

     10 Carleton St: Allyson Fournier to Raldy I. Reyes-Amparo and Nicaurys M. Pol-Placido, $608,000

     18 Cornish Rd: Grandview RT and Kenneth E. Daher to Xavier Garcia and Lillian Santiago, $505,000

     9 Crestwood Cir: John and Geraldine Fitzgerald to Marel E. Martinez and Wilington Ortega-Martinez, $460,000

     275 Cypress Ave: Jose M. and Leslie A. Villa to Wendy Almanzar, $430,000

     107 Everett St: 107 Everett Street LLC to Daniel Arias, $430,000

     31-31A Exchange St: Catalina A. Bisono to Lisandra Bisono, $700,000

     15 Florence Ave: Ana G. and Roberto Fernandez to Carlos A. Matos-Prensa and Rosa Delacruz-Villalona, $450,000

     14 Osgood St: Elizabeth Tuyet-Nghiem to Yenda Silvestre, $547,000

     23-25 Pleasant St: Calderons Prop Mgmt LLC to 23-25 Pleasant Street LLC, $1,200,000

     44 Portland St: Aderito Teixeira to Wilson Liberato, $410,000

     255 S Broadway: Ricardo Decastro to Francis Martinez and Gabriel J. Garcia, $425,000

     8 Sumner Ave: Elias Kanj to Margarita Pinedo-Gonzalez and Deyanira Mateo, $440,000

     41 Warren St: Katherine J. Lahaye to William A. Gutierrez and Maria C. Torres-Rodriguez, $385,000

     312 Water St Unit 34: Elliot RT and Robert F. Donahue to Melyned Figueroa, $221,000


     Broadway: Kirk&Broadway RT and John Motta to AEM Investments LLC, $950,000

     11-17 Broadway: Kirk&Broadway RT and John Motta to AEM Investments LLC, $950,000

     83 Brown St: Henry G. Bronson to Powered By B LLC, $440,000

     24 Combination St: Home Sweet Hm Soln LLC to Miguel G. Valle, $720,000

     3 Duma Rd: Ezequiel Meran to Samuel and Jackie G. Kamuanga, $600,000

     7 Erhardt Ter: Rastello Bernard T Est and Bernard T. Rastello to Luiz A. Dasilva and Eleniuza S. Dasilveira, $600,000

     18 Freeport Ave: Ivester FT and Elaine P. Ivester to Alex Normandin and Erika H. Kilroy, $620,000

     3 Inglewood Ter: Eric M. Alaimo to Collins and Iryna Olaniyan, $470,000

     42 Kirk St: Kirk&Broadway RT and John Motta to AEM Investments LLC, $950,000

     9 Marc Ave: Brett A. Paolantonio and Jennifer A. Demarzo to Marvin A. Ruiz-Rodriguez and Sandra E. Lopez-Arias, $490,000

     235 Oakland Ave Unit 235: Christopher Gustafson to Kimberley A. Jackson, $408,000

     19 Oakmeadow Ln: Matthew A. and Teri M. Haymer to Center Street Dev LLC, $305,000

     26 Overlook Dr: Greg and Loretta Cooke to Courtney Smith, $812,500

     200 Pelham St: Sara Fulford to Sebastiano Petruzzelli, $380,000

     129 Phoebe St Unit 129: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Michael Y. and Weijia J. Ma, $794,495

     131 Phoebe St Unit 131: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Sean and Patricia P. Mcvey, $678,834

     3 Ridge Rd: John W. and Anne M. Farnham to Joseph C. Magandazi, $400,000

     17 Winthrop Ave: Paul R. and Catherine L. Griffin to Wilky Anilus and Lorvely Nazaire, $506,000

     5 Woekel Ter: Dulce A. Espejo and Alan M. Navarro to Maria I. Sanchez-Garcia and Victor M. Acevedo-Berroa, $550,000


     14 Amberville Rd: Sifis and Maura P. Xenakis to Andy Yang-Huang and Corinne P. Foote, $900,000

     245 Boxford St: Boxford Street RET and Carol J. Rogers to Basilio Diflumeri and Emma Ennis, $900,000

     95 Carlton Ln: Galiano Residence T and Elizabeth Galiano to Siobhan Callanan and Doster Owen, $925,000

     190 Chickering Rd Unit 170D: Christopher Salvo and Julia M. Anzalone to Julian Santos and Carol G. Silva-Santos, $400,000

     7 Commonwealth Ave: Kyle Huber to Juan B. Alvarez-Veras and Karina Colon-Hernandez, $750,000

     3 Harvest Dr Unit 113: Taylor Ruth Est and Willie M. Taylor to Evan and Yoshiko J. Taylor, $250,000

     17 Hidden Ct: Linda Waxman to Mingwang Zhang, $1,510,000

     23 May St Unit 23: Michael F. and Susan C. Letourneau to BJR East Coast Prop LLC, $485,000

     45 Mill Pond: Carlo E. Esidore to Patrizia Alessi and Daniel Alessi-Sheinman, $515,000

     119 Mill Pond: Rita Zielstorff RT and Rita Zielstorff to Scott L. and Merrill R. Friedman, $489,500

     195 Olympic Ln: Michael G. and Kristina N. Crepeau to Erika L. Whyte and Megan L. Normandin, $990,000

     1159 Osgood St: Kenneth Haphey to Earley&Daniele Prop LLC, $760,000

     71 Pine Ridge Rd: George J. and Mary J. Toolan to Andrew Stefanowicz and Simona Gaudio, $880,000

     332 Raleigh Tavern Ln: Timothy J. and Ann R. Mcgrath to Christopher and Marianne Deangelus, $769,000

     643 S Bradford St: John R. and Kimberly P. Jones to Casey and Stefanie Vadala, $975,000



     50 Concord St Unit 1: 50 Concord St Prop Owner to NTS 50 Concord Street LLC, $3,600,000

     200 Martins Lndg Unit 211: George P. and Bette Alexander to Avis M. Surette, $414,000


     187 Atlantic Ave: Northeast Prop&Invs LLC to Northeast Builders LLC, $450,000

     211 Beach Rd Unit 4: Jay I. Anthony and Elizabeth K. Beck to Kelly A. and Paul R. Puduski, $530,000

     3 Bridge Rd Unit B6: 4 Beach Road LLC to Albert T. Lynch, $455,000

     8 Commonwealth Ave: Commonwelth Rentals LLC to Caitlin and Sean G. Gorman, $750,000

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