11 Bateson Dr: Rich FT and Michael C. Rich to George Y. Hua-Kong and Yiying Zhang, $1,398,000

     11 Longwood Dr Unit 4: D P RT and TTFN Corp Tr to Rachel Barnum-Rick, $250,000

     129 Lovejoy Rd: Jerome H Fitzpatrick RET and Paul L. Fitzpatrick to Matthew and Anne S. Levine, $750,000

     22 Michael Way Unit 22: Hong Lei and Zhigang Jiang to Thanh T. Tran, $622,000


     26-B Sagamore Ln: Marjorie A Thorpe RET and Marjorie A. Thorpe to Danielle and Erik L. Drown, $1,700,000


     No Transactions in this Town


     Georgetown Village Cond Unit 2: No Ral Properties LLC to Rann Realty LLC, $600,000


     1 Amber Way: Jennifer and Murray Perlitch to Jason and Nicole Lawler, $852,000

     4 Burke St: Deborah J. and Robert F. Matos to Daniel A. and Patricia A. Daunais, $650,000

     5 Burke St: Huggan IRT and Timothy Marcoux to Mark Saia, $479,000

     24 Elm Park: Brenda A Cross FT and Terrance Beaton to Elm Park T and James M. Cross, $600,000


     64 5th Ave: Sally F. Mank to Marte C LLC, $425,000

     88-90 6th Ave: Modern Solution Inv Inc to Edual Infante, $650,000

     29 7th Ave Unit 29: Nawaz P. Elerapatty and Rasheeda K. Rasheed to Doogenie Dormeus, $400,000

     53 Agawam Ave: Christine A. Wright to Kevin A. and Lyndsey B. Evangelista, $395,000

     26 Delray Dr: Richard F Kalagher T and Kellie Lally to Christopher R. and Whitney M. Fawcett, $739,900

     20 Dodge St: Sweeney Shirley M Est and Michael P. Sweeney to Kathleen F. Basque, $410,000

     950 E Broadway: Jeffrey R. and Virginia L. Cameron to Antonio A. and Elizabeth A. Ramos, $499,900

     19 Eastland Ter: Ashlee R. and Christopher D. Collier to Darlene and James E. Brown, $601,000

     8 Front St: Lucas A. Vieria-Almeida to Robert Lucente and Amy S. Puffer, $439,900

     36 Julian St: Angela C. and Thomas R. Cornacchia to Luis R. Diaz, $477,000

     83 Longview St: Christopher M. and Susan J. Donahue to Kevin P. and Nadine A. Lyons, $715,000

     12 Meagans Way Unit 12: Karen M. Woodward to Tracey Firman, $499,000

     66 Riverdale Ave: Kathleen Basque to Topnotch Homes LLC, $300,000

     6 S Grove St: Christopher and Whitney Fawcett to Lyndsay Camerano and Joseph Crovo, $432,500

     58 Temple St: Atlantis Ventures LLC to Celest Investments LLC, $643,000


     10 Bedford St Unit 10: Rolando Rosario to Maria L. Javier, $70,000

     65 Brook St: Julio C. Then-Rivas to Mary E. Morales and Natalie I. Quintana, $675,000

     111-117 Butler St: Maria E. Garcia to Maria Montesquieu, $194,062

     111 Cambridge St Unit B: Felix Gutierrez to Bay State Grn Soln LLC, $278,000

     111 Cambridge St Unit B: Steven R. Gillis and Rocket Mortgage LLC to Felix Gutierrez, $267,000

     503 Haverhill St: Jeannine N. Murphy and S Mona Thornton to Rosanna Vasquez, $570,000

     2 Lexington St: William J. Nunez and Jacquelin Rosario to Ernesto N. Pena, $360,000

     149 May St: Antonio A. Ramos and Elizabeth A. Lopez to Victor A. Gonzalez, $405,000


     47-49 Arlington St: Juan E. and Altagracia Peralta to Xavier J. Peralta, $600,000

     175 Berkeley St: Cherry Tree Re LLC to Methuen Healthcare LLC, $900,000

     45-47 Brook St: DLC Phase 2 LLC to JLR Investments LLC, $905,000

     3-9 Camden St: DLC Phase 2 LLC to JLR Investments LLC, $905,000

     20 Channing St: Carmelo B. Miragliotta to Wilson Horton and Escolastica P. Herrand, $400,000

     40 Danbury Dr Unit 15: North Avenue RT and King Weinstein to Miguel A. Breton, $175,000

     21 Hampshire Rd Unit 216: Susan E. Helander to Debra J. Burke, $356,000

     35 Sheldon St: Sharon Yates and Donald E. Hinckley to Beverly Kinnon-Wade and Donald Wade, $630,000

     39 Sugar Hill Cir: Donna J. Robershefski to David M. Pereira, $525,000

     10-12 Willow St: Franklin M. Victoria to Simon R. and Siana Concepcion, $670,000

     31 Woodburn Dr: Kenneth Dimmock to Jarol Bonilla and Chelsea N. Dimmock, $481,250


     3 Fieldstone Ln: Zendko LLC to Margaret D. and Robert L. Cuneo, $1,328,309


     21 Ash St: Jeffery O Brown T and Jeffery Oren-Brown to Isaac Almy and Amy Getchell, $700,000

     452 Massachusetts Ave: Nicholas J. and Elizabeth A. Guilbeault to Zhi Y. Chen and Jinqing Lin, $637,500

     42 Mill Pond: Robert and Marilyn Stasonis to Daniel Tereshko and Erin Harris, $516,000

     15 Sullivan St: Shahriar Beigi to Brendan and Carleen Cox, $725,000

     2170 Turnpike St: Turnpike Prop LLC to Lucas Almeida and Fabricio Zambroni, $731,000


     22 Linwood Ave: Mcneil Rita L Est and Patrick Mcneil to 22 Linwood Ave RT and Prince Mageza, $475,000


     No Transactions in this Town

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