16 Balmoral St Unit 403: Richard and Marie Licciardi to Jessica K. Chartier, $292,403

26 Boston Rd: Kristen E. and Daniel D. Canterbury to Portillo Management LLC, $435,000

86 Central St: Ian Milton-Finley and Karen A. Finley to Emily A. Benson and Gregory C. Buia, $735,000

17 Chongris Cir: Dennis L. and Cheryl L. Johnson to Chad A. and Kerry Friesz, $1,440,000

1 Francis Dr Unit 304: Marie A. Swain to Patricia J. Wetzel and Elizabeth C. Hengeveld, $385,700

21 Gleason St: Mained RET and Barbara Mainen to Erin Mckinnon and Jeffery S. Lamourine, $530,000

145 Hidden Rd: Matthew J. Brennan and Kayla Dufton-Brennan to Christopher S. Lascelle and Severina Haddad, $950,000

171 Highland Rd: John H. and Maureen K. San-Cartier to 171 Highland Road T and Carmen Scarpa, $2,200,000

272 Highland Rd: Gary J. and Beverly A. Conrad to Gregory A. Lewis, $740,000

12-14 Juliette St: Vincent G. and Andrea Cinseruli to Ali Farzan-Jon and Ali Shahzad, $750,000

16 Karlton Cir: Stephen W. and Lisa N. Andrews to James Gorrie and Stephanie Hood-Gorrie, $1,501,646

29 Karlton Cir: Jacob J. and Lindy R. Olds to Carolyn and Michael Bednarz, $1,005,000

55 Lucerne Dr: Emily A. and Joel W. Keefe to Samuel R. Hutchinson and Emily G. Bunting, $975,000

179 N Main St Unit 179: Sarojini Masih to Argiry Panagopoulos, $270,000

127 North St: Canh D. Tran and Minh Ha T. Dang to Misun Chung and Minjae Park, $860,000

63 Park St: Sprburn LLC to Park Street Offices LLC, $4,750,000

35 Pearson St: Hyesoon Kim to Buxton Redevelopment LLC, $600,000

82 Pine St: Nancy J. Pike to Stephen J. and Kathleen G. Welch, $620,000

80 Poor St Unit 80: Louise M. Devincenzi to James R. Heise and Amy H. Roderick, $340,000

17 Porter Rd: Gary Jaworski to Mark D. Benson, $699,000

13 Rattlesnake Hill Rd: John&J Robinson NT and Susan K. Sughrue to Neil Robinson and Susan Sughrue, $400,000

275 S Main St: Pensco T Co and Anne Marie&Assoc LLC to 275 South Main Street LLC, $120,000

405 S Main St: Conrado and Aileen Suriaga to David Hibino and Christine Nash, $705,000

20 Sheridan Rd: 20 Sheridan Road LLC to Jennifer L. Webb, $830,000

18 Summer St Unit 4: Trevor Moore to Caroline Higgins, $800,000


7 Camelot Dr: Elizabeth A. and Robert J. Costigan to Paul M. and Stefanie M. Buonopane, $780,000

28-c Depot Rd: Nathan G. and Paula G. Moser to Emily and Joel W. Keefe, $1,920,000

48 High Ridge Rd: 48 High Ridge Road RT and Glen V. Walter to Peri FT and Laxmi Peri, $1,485,000

Hillside Rd: Denise J. and James Leonard to Gpk Boxford RT and Grant A. Anderson, $12,000

8 Silvermine Rd: Stephen J. Coughlin and Carol A. Goodwin to Donald W. Campbell and Daniel K. Zheng, $780,000

40 Winding Oaks Way: 40 Winding Oaks Way RT and Paul C. Grant to Sachin K. and Stephanie M. Patel, $1,625,000


16 2nd St: Priscilla A Cregg LT and Pamela C. Collins to Ejiro Const Company LLC, $280,000

20 2nd St: Priscilla A Cregg LT and Pamela C. Collins to Ejiro Const Company LLC, $280,000

18 Arthur Ave: Louis and Christina Barbosa to Sarah E. Thibodeau, $450,000

20 Brentwood Dr: Teofilo J. and Regina Galinato to Sandip S. and Sejal Patel, $825,001

358 Broadway Rd: Robert A. Bursey to Nancy and Chamrath Pan, $420,000

47 Burns Hill Dr: Alexander and Kristen J. Ward to Ke Lu and Cuimei Xie, $700,000

229 C St: F&S M Residence T and Sharon L. Martin to Charles J. and Doreen P. Nolan, $450,000

176 D St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Alice Nantege, $375,000

101 Donohue Rd Unit 1: Colleen L. Mcinerney to Juan Alvarez and Isabel Cardona-Alvarez, $285,000

63 Hayfield Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Diogenes Burgos and Rosalie Vazquez, $699,900

69 Homefield Ave: Kimberley I. Rychwa and Carl W. Ruchwa to Ifigenia Hernandez-Nunez and Joseph M. Hernandez, $455,000

117 Honora Ave: 18-20 Florence Street LLC to Leonardo M. Sousa, $315,000

49 Lantern Ln Unit 7: Marshall Jack to Nancy J. and Joseph Lussier, $200,000

57 Lantern Ln Unit 6: Richard Lepine to Maureen M. Coulter, $240,000

28 Lillian Ter: Whitni J. Watkins to Jorge Sanchez and Jolene S. Pollaro, $460,000

50 Pelczar Rd: Pennie A Peterson T and Pennie A. Violette to Marcio and Josiane J. Domiciano, $580,000

199 Pleasant St: To K. Tran to Laphal Koy, $371,000

429 Pleasant St: Raul E. and Kathleen M. Diaz to Raul Diaz and Maegan Muollo, $485,000

23 Sawyer Ave: Andersson G. Contreras and Vanessa Medina to Yvonne T. and Ronald A. Howe, $450,000

94 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 9: Samnang San and Pheary Vong to Muhammad T. Muhammad-Ali, $260,000

95 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 25: Melinda C. Sheehan to Richard Vettese, $315,000

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 32: Ryan M. Laroche to Andrea E. Park, $265,000


27 Andover St: 27 Andover Street RT and Julie R. Brown to Ayoub Laaguel and Zineb Zenguar, $500,000

32 Bradford Loop: Lena Bell to Colin D. and Inga Macgillivray, $535,000

13 Prospect St: David J. and Pamela J. Sheehan to Caroline and Paul C. Ruvido, $419,000

183 W Main St: Caitlin A. and Greg D. Anderson to Cara R. Brenneman-Slay and Robert J. Hewett, $610,000


21 Groveland Commons Way Unit 21: Donna M. and John P. Yeo to Jennifer Hall, $389,000

2 Hemlock Ln: Lisa and Matthew Soep to Jacob J. Olds, $975,000

2 Matthew Dr: Christie and Kevin Bruno to Alexander M. and Tayler N. Dipesa, $785,000

6 Stonebridge Rd: Steven and Linda StGermain to Christie and Kevin Bruno, $887,500


18 11th Ave: Donna L. Welch-Francis and Michael J. Francis to Juan Leiniz, $680,000

62 7 Sister Rd Unit 50: Lot 139 LLC to Sheryl J. Riter, $930,000

4 Atlanta St Unit 3: Abraham and Megumi Bellatreche to Jennifer Y. Chambers, $240,000

4 Avon Pl: GDX RT and Robert J. Lapierre to Joaquin F. Contreras, $465,000

2 Bartlett Ave Unit 2: Noah D. Burt to Jade Eve Bergeron, $245,000

378 Brandy Brow Rd: Goldie Emmanuel to John M. and Salmira D. Mitchell, $630,000

26 Casablanca Ct Unit 26: Kaitlyn M. and William Cann to Ashley M. Duran, $275,000

222 Farrwood Dr Unit 222: Lois J. Marra to Uzair M. Farid, $285,000

83 Franklin St: Leonel Contreras to Juan E. Nunez, $590,000

39 Greenville St: Jhaneyri M. Diaz to Erick Castillo and Jonathan Centeno-Perez, $585,000

245 Groveland St: Allan and Toshiko Kenyon to 245 Groveland Street LLC, $275,000

345 Groveland St: Eric J. Basiliere to Cami and Lans Drake, $515,000

9 Howard St: Zachary Difeo to Milton Abreu, $583,000

35 Hunters Run Pl Unit 35: Mounir Jermany to Paul Sousa, $329,900

42 Kenoza St: Lynne A. Boudreau-Ingham and Michael G. Ingham to Lisa M. and Michael J. Osberg, $525,000

75 Lake St: Cynthia A. and Wayne S. Barlow to Jennifer and Jonathan Boston, $690,000

466 Lake St: Robert E. Taylor to Marshall Barchard and Pamela R. Rivera, $419,900

149 Lowell Ave: Alexander L. Mohr to Avtar Singh, $425,000

32 Marsh Ave: Bethany Hughes and Robert Tadiello to Dianne Cameron, $412,500

202 Mohawk Trl: Eric Dantonio to Shannon and Vincent Pettis, $440,000

24 Morgan Dr Unit 24: Laura B. Solomon to Christopher Schwartz, $280,000

77 Mount Vernon St: 77 Mount Vernon Street NT and Elizabeth A. Ryll to Erik D. Ryll, $430,000

2 Paradise Ln: John S. and Kathy Dipietro to Laura Bover and Jorge Ortiz-Frank, $585,000

30 Parsonage Hill Rd: Nadeau FT and Julie A. Nadeau to Molly M. and Timothy P. Wallace, $650,000

134 Pilgrim Rd: Elmer Ventura to Dennis S. and Derek Bankus, $600,000

8 Powdermill Rd: Gayle M. Atherton to Tamara Battis-Lee and Kenneth C. Lee, $710,000

19 Railroad Ave: George L Pyche FT and Mary M. Pyche to Railroad Ave Owner LLC, $1,235,000

31 Railroad Ave: Haverhill City Of to Railroad Ave Owner LLC, $1,000,000

5 S Brook St: Jessica and Mark Mangion to Jacquelyn L. Sexton and Barbara Shapiro, $355,000

236 S Elm St: 236 South Elm Street LLC to Haverhill Park Fndtn Inc, $665,000

10 S New St: Delia and Michael R. Macdonald to Richard Albizu and Arlene Otero, $355,000

60 S Pine St: Gregory L. and Laurie A. Zywiak to Barbara J. Swallow and Robert D. Thys, $499,900

303 Salem St: James A. and Terry L. Dawkins to Delia E. and Michael R. Macdonald, $585,000

34 Sarah J Cir: Gaetana and Domenic A. Boragine to Ronald and Vanessa Geffrard, $590,000

16 Stelyani Dr: Timothy J. Bresnahan to Jarod and Jennifer Soucy, $702,500

20 Sterling Ln Unit 20: Jane E. Shipley to Brianna Shipley and Lisa A. Shotwell, $315,000

38 Sterling Ln Unit 38: P E Sweeney Riel RET and P E. Sweeney-Riel to Jake A. Adams and Emily Cochran, $303,000

111 Summer St Unit 4: Mattd LLC to Kassandra Infante, $190,000

111 Summer St Unit 5: Mattd LLC to Antonio N. Valenzuela, $202,000

132 W Meadow Rd Unit 2: Eileen P. Leary to Matthew J. Mezzetti, $220,500

14-16 Washington St Unit 2: Rafael Guzman to Michael J. Murach, $225,000

57 Washington St Unit 2e: Kelly Gillespie and Kelly Ricci to Sgs Holdings LLC, $240,000

6 Wilson St: Apple Grove LLC to Luis E. Garcia, $367,000

21 Wingate St Unit 303: 21 Wingate 303 RT and Gregory S. Reid to Evie J. Bradley, $215,000

14 Woodland Park Dr Unit 14: Marylou Palmison IRT and Sharyn Reetz to Kehinde and Taiwo Ikuomenison, $380,000


543 Andover St Unit 2: Millwood Realty LLC to Moises Bienvenido-Medina, $372,000

543 Andover St Unit 5: Millwood Realty LLC to Luis M. Cornieles, $365,000

3 Berkeley Ct: Juan O. Roman to Jesus Almengo-Puntier and Apolinar Almengo-Marte, $398,000

21 Birch St: Wayne R. and Julia Scott to Luis M. Dominquez, $250,000

93 Bowdoin St: Wan X. Dong to Salvador Abreu, $670,000

32-34 Bromfield St: Rosanny Soto and Stephanie Almonte to Ana Veldez-Ramos and Alexander Valdez-Ramos, $520,000

83-85 Butler St: Frank Apolinar to Yngrid M. Vasquez-Villa and Naomi E. Guzman, $625,000

78-80 Dracut St Unit 4: Bruce A. and Dennis M. Sargent to Luz M. Guzman, $150,000

8 Durso Ave: Yefry E. Suriel-Tavarez and Noelka A. Tatis-Desuriel to Nilce O. Cuevas and Luz E. Bermudez, $500,000

270 E Haverhill St Unit 10: David and Nancy Benitez to Jose A. Garcia, $195,000

888 Essex St: Bay Flow LLC to Luis F. Cartagena-Martinez and Javier H. Aguilera-Rios, $320,000

94 Glenn St: Brooks Properties I LLC to 94-104 Glenn Owner LLC, $37,000,000

94 Glenn St: Brooks Properties I LLC to 94-104 Glenn Owner LLC, $37,000,000

222 High St: Hector Gonzalez to W V. Richardson-Rosario and Ana V. Soto-Richardson, $360,000

20 Knox St Unit 2: US Bank NA Tr to Luis F. Benzan, $185,000

4 Lindner Ct: Alex and Karen Lizardo to G A. Castillo-Medina, $470,000

697 Lowell St: Playdon John H Est and John M. Playdon to Kyle Goebel and Julia Blatt, $170,000

1 Parker St: Incompass Human Svcs Inc and Class Inc to Nunez LLC, $2,025,000

32 Portland St: Ruben Tineo and Yeimi Sandoval to Geremy J. Diaz-Infante, $621,365

33 Portland St: Ruben Tineo and Yeimi Sandoval to Geremy J. Diaz-Infante, $621,365

538 S Broadway: Art Silver to Gerald and Bridgid E. Pagliuca, $70,000


33 Appaloosa Dr: Ramon Polanco to Jenka Valdez, $555,000

9 Ashley Ln Unit 9: Bruce D. and Pamela A. Spear to Claire A Spry LT and Claire A. Spry, $645,000

59 Booth Rd: Alexandrino Souza and Valeria C. Campos to Jennifer Peralta and Diego F. Brito, $675,000

105 Bradley Avenue Ext: Pitocchelli FT and Deborah C. Pitocchelli to Gustavo D. Camacho-Salas and Carolina V. Camacho, $470,000

5 Branch St: MCP 2 Branch Street LLC to Mob-5 Branch Street LLC, $29,500,000

1 Brook St: Juliet T. Bistany to Stephanie Ortiz and Joel Santo-Ynfante, $440,000

10 Caswell Ave: Kevin P. Johnson and Cathleen Haas to Property Possible Inc, $255,000

3-5 Cypress Ave: Darren and Sonia F. Censullo to Josefina A. Fuchu and Lino M. Sanchez, $730,000

20 Danbury Dr Unit 14: Lisa Derusha LT and Lisa A. Derusha to Yordano A. Murray, $180,000

22 Durrell St: Ellen M. Gadomski to Emily J. Kaminsky, $460,000

104 Ford St Unit E: Paul A. Hudson to Kenneth Hudson, $185,000

1 Glenway Ave: Fadi M. Bouchrouche to Eddy Rahi, $400,000

19 Hampshire Rd Unit 210: Nancy Grant and Mary E. Russell to Altagracia Mayi, $282,000

501 Hampshire Rd: KT Construction LLC to Micha S. Barnum, $324,000

503 Hampshire Rd: KT Construction LLC to Micha S. Barnum, $324,000

504 Hampshire Rd: KT Construction LLC to Micha S. Barnum, $324,000

506 Hampshire Rd: KT Construction LLC to Micha S. Barnum, $324,000

508 Hampshire Rd: KT Construction LLC to Micha S. Barnum, $324,000

14 Hawthorne Ave: Hawthorne RT and Admarose Bennett to Dennis Troso, $415,000

52 High St Unit 4: Elba N. Morency to Francisco Polanco, $193,000

159-161 Howe St: Mary P. Swan to Nick Castillo, $570,000

52 Jane Rd: Paul and Deborah J. Parent to Janice Morrissey T and Janice Morrissey, $499,000

19 Jayson Rd: David Dion RT and Theresa L. David to Visoth Sabou and Mai Pham, $515,000

14 Kimball Cir: Donald L. and Joan M. Misler to NE Edual&Dev Supports Ctr, $675,000

14 Lantern Ln: Ramon Peralta and Ana Vargas-Peralta to Alfonsa R. and Araseli Lopez, $540,000

1-3 Larchwood Rd: Richard D. Davis to Yinery A. DePena and Bernardo E. Pena, $650,000

89-91 Larchwood Rd: Richard C. and Jason A. Salach to Ibrahim E. Geha, $545,000

52 Linwood Ave: Joseph Grande to Ana S. Diaz, $550,000

195 Maple St: Wendy M. and Michael Tomaselli to Jeffrey Deleon and Katherine Estrada, $600,000

53 Merrimack St: Charbel A. Bourouphael to Sucre Dominguez and Adaris C. Cabrera, $460,000

30 Myona St: Vanessa Ortega and Ronald J. Geffard to Ekamma Aiworo, $440,000

119 Myrtle St: Cory M. and Catherine L. Kideckel to Kelli J. Davidson, $450,000

61 Mystic St Unit 24: Dizoglio RT and Christine Dizoglio to Mario B. Lemus-Rodriguez and Reina Cruz-Lemus, $190,000

18 Norgate Rd: James Baker to Michelle Tellez and Olga Jimenez, $365,000

25 Oak St Unit E: Abbas Lucienne L Est and Jayne A. Abbas to Jose A. Morales-Martinez and Beronica Morales, $280,000

21 Renfrew St: Michael Warford to Oscar R. Abreu and Teresa E. Queliz, $620,000

10 Reservoir St: Christopher and Lori Amico to Victor J. Hernandez and Leidy M. Baez, $430,000

945 Riverside Dr Unit 24a: Chuen Leonard to Samuel Taveras, $160,500

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 1-4: Suzanne J. Casey to Jaime L. Gomes and Sonia Darosa-Gomes, $370,000

53 Rolling Ridge Ln: Alexander P. Rarog to Tanisha E. and Kayne C. Correa, $550,000

10 Village Ln Unit 10: Richard E. Pierce to Richard Gattiker, $550,000

45 Washington St Unit 78: Jorge Tavares to Jennifer L. Lannon, $350,000

7 West St: David&Paula J Ohearn LT and David Ohearn to Guillame Osiris and Angy W. Michel, $500,000


36 Alcott Way Unit 36: Sheila Serrao to Maria M. Caracuel, $480,000

60 Ashland St: Meridith Realty LLC to Star Ridge Properties LLC, $410,000

29 Blue Ridge Rd: Jeremy P Finkle RET and Jeremy P. Finkle to Sandra J. Wroble and Robbie A. Robinson, $1,200,000

537 Boxford St: John S. and Amanda C. Decoste to Pedro Nunes-Lino, $750,000

25 Cranberry Ln: Paul D. and Heather A. Takesian to John D. and Lisa S. Hirschfeld, $981,000

206 Dale St: Kristina M. Leo to C Propersi-Grossman and Jonathan Grossman, $515,000

25 Fernview Ave Unit 10: Paul A. and Carrie L. Woodbury to Ann C. and Jeffrey D. Liotta, $249,900

30 Lacy St: Andrea Kounelas to Elizabeth R. and Steven J. Cataldo, $680,000

148 Main St Unit O402: Ryan John T Jr Est and Helene G. Ryan to James P. and Marie Daw, $254,900

27-29 Maple Ave: James P. and Marie C. Daw to Franklin Diaz, $665,000

32 May St: Anthony and Angela Costello to Kathleen Varga, $467,000

47 Mill Pond: Suzy B RT and Jordan J. Burgess to David J. Rutter and Nanette Phaneuf-Rutter, $480,000

53 Monteiro Way: Paul T. and Carol A. Powers to Christopher and Megan Royal, $1,055,000

130 Moody St: Tasha Agreste to Connor and Lauren B. Crowley, $537,500

65 Peach Tree Ln: 1212 Westford Street LLC to Christopher M. Langton and Shannon Feeney-Langton, $1,100,000

22 Stacy Dr: Henry D. Abraham and Carol J. Belding to Hyesoon Kim, $400,000

18 Stevens St: Margaret R. Cullen and Henry Grodzins to Anthony and Jennifer Valencia, $1,160,000

410 Summer St: Timothy Loughran to Christopher J. Paolini and Sarah R. Mcallister, $630,000

185 Sutton Hill Rd: Daniel E. and Madeleine M. Colon to Elizabeth Fox, $740,000

863 Turnpike St Unit 222: Kept Properties LLC to Emerging Display Tech, $245,000

863 Turnpike St Unit 224: Kept Properties LLC to Emerging Display Tech, $245,000

186 Waverley Rd: Gregory Irving and Alana Lacey to Christy Sheehy and Ethan Bensinger, $590,000

347 Wood Ln: St Hilaire James J Est and Robert J. StHilaire to Stephen Mccarthy, $452,000


8 Dix Rd: Gustavo A. and Olga R. Mira to Jacquelyn O. Stringfield, $736,000

123 Elm St: Brendon and Jennifer Gyarfas to Theresa M. Ouellet and Philip E. Mcmanus, $680,000

22 Emerson Rd: R B Madison RT and Richard J. Madison to Farouk Kissito and Sumaya Namatovu, $852,500

2 Fairway Rd: Zhiqiang Zhang and Hongjun Han to Yinkai Ma and Yufei Zheng, $960,000

6 Greenbriar Dr Unit 306: Robert Holler and Jamie Saropoulos to Marcelo E. Barbieri, $268,330

29 Linwood Ave: Claire A Spry LT and Claire A. Spry to Dana E. and Catherine P. Rowe, $650,000

46 Main St Unit 2: Katharine Trahan to Deyin Zhao, $261,000

8 Malm Rd: Francis J. and Sheri Burgholzer to Daniel T. and Allison L. Callahan, $983,600

145 Marblehead St: William J. Covalucci to Alan R. and Sarah Lemarier, $1,425,000

7 Mashie Way Unit 7: Brian J. Favorat and Xiaoyu Tian to Orlin and Mira Angelov, $615,000

24 Oakhurst Ter: Richard E. and Leah M. Pacini to Ann Kulichik, $425,000

67 Park St: Brian Lavers to Suzanne J. Chapin and David J. Orifice, $640,000

475 Park St: Alma B. Murphy to Sindy M. Argueta and Maria R. Martinez, $530,000

4 Redmond Ave: 112 Chestnut LLC to Gillian Casey, $1,400,000

10 Rock St: Arthur and Patricia Harrington to Colleen and Eric Strong, $775,000

4 Shay Ln: 383 Park Street LLC to Vishal and Archana Patel, $1,523,500

46 Southwick Rd: Robert Aloisi to 46 Southwick Road RT and John L. Desimone, $850,000

45 Spruce Rd: F&S Moda RT and Frank Moda to Nazanin Mossahebi and Ertugrul N. Ciftcioglu, $1,367,000


15 Bayberry Ln: Diane R. Nadolny to Amanda and Ryan Kennedy, $425,000

37 Beach Rd: AFZ RT and Ann F. Zannini to Sweet Apple Tree LLC, $297,000

20 Cable Ave Unit 15: Ali Reza-Sabouri and Pietra Sabouri to Haley L. Pippy and Nicole Pizzi, $314,000

8 Grover St: Stephen P. Schofield to Robert N. and Sally J. Landor, $900,000

18 Pleasant St: Jane Palmer Bruce IRT and Mari J. Palmer to Marcos A. Costa, $570,000

95 Railroad Ave: Doreen W. Zappala to Brian P. and Sarah Belfiore, $445,000

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