EXETER —The Exeter-Squamscott River Local Advisory Committee (ESRLAC) is recruiting members from every community in the river's watershed: Chester, Raymond, Fremont, Sandown, Danville, East Kingston, Kingston, Kensington, Brentwood, Exeter, Newfields and Stratham. The Committee is made up of volunteers interested in the protection and stewardship of the river's water quality, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and scenic and historic resources.

If you enjoy the many benefits provided by the Exeter River and the tidal Squamscott River, consider joining ESRLAC. The Committee meets at 7:00 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month, except July and December. For more information, please contact Theresa Walker, Rockingham Planning Commission, 778-0885, twalker@rpc-nh.org.

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