WHITEFIELD — Re-connecting elders with their favorite music can vastly improve quality of life regardless of their cognitive or physical status. It is especially powerful for those with Alzheimer's disease where it can restore, temporarily but repeatedly, the sense of self often lost when memory fails. New Hampshire’s nursing homes are participating in an innovative Music and Memory program called NH Memories. Partial funding for the NH Memories program was made possible by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the New Hampshire Bureau of Health Facilities. NH Memories program provides nursing home residents with individualized music playlists. These playlists help nursing home caregivers provide their residents with an alternative to medication and help the resident remember lost times through music.

During this Season of Giving, please consider supporting your local nursing home by donating i-Tune cards or funds to purchase mp3 players and music listening headsets. Donations will help your local nursing home continue and expand this valuable music and memory program. Personalized music is no cure, but it may well be the best therapy currently available to New Hampshire nursing home residents suffering from dementia, pain, and depression. The New Hampshire Memories program empowers choice, enables memory, and provides avenues for genuine communication with loved ones and caregivers.

Bedford Nursing Rehabilitation Center (BNRC) in Bedford, NH, has been utilizing the Music and Memory program since 2017. Caregivers at BNRC say, “Music has the ability to transport a resident back in time just like a time machine; we have had a chance to witness this on several occasions since the rollout of Music and Memory here at BNRC. We have witnessed them revisit lost and forgotten moments in life.” 

Your donation to your local nursing home WILL make a difference. If you are unsure how to reach your local nursing home, a listing of New Hampshire nursing homes can be found at www.nhhca.org/find-care-in-new-hampshire/. For more information about this program, contact Roxie Severance, Music and Memory Consultant, NHHCA, rseverance@nhhca.org.



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