Garden of the Month Award

ATKINSON - Congratulations to Sandy Zappala, recent recipient of the Atkinson Garden Club’s Garden of the Month Award!

The well tended gardens at the Zappala’s Upland Road home are a visual delight, with a diverse and abundant show of color and form. Always a work in progress, the landscaping and gardens have been a labor of love for the past six years, since the Zappala’s moved to their current address in Atkinson. The cool green and white tones of hosta are everywhere interspersed with bright yellow and purple iris, foxglove, lilies and wild geranium. In fact, Mark Zappala’s only (by his own admission) contribution to the family garden is an Electrocution Hosta, a unique and gnarly specimen with rippled and twisted long, narrow leaves!

White, pink and red astilbe, shrub roses, dianthus, cleomes and graceful grasses provide a whimsical counterpoint to the sturdier maples and tall pines and conifers that border the property. A weeping larch also adds visual interest, along with the softer presentations of dappled willows, hydrangea, azalea and goat’s beard found amid Sandy’s many raised beds. Amid the many perennials and shrubs that follow the contours of their long drive, is a large planting of tall, sprightly, bright pink allium, an unusual color for the species. Sandy’s garden tip to prolong the beautiful appearance of any allium past its prime - spray paint in the color of your choice!

Practicality also plays a part in her garden planning. She maintains that if anything is going to be eaten by something, it doesn’t have a place in her garden!

New this year is what Sandy calls her “Pandemic Garden,” a large vegetable garden grown entirely from seed, born from spending so much time quarantined at home earlier in the Spring.

But Sandy is not new to garden accolades. In previous years, her garden has been featured in one of the Atkinson Garden Club’s Garden Tours, earned recognition for her Mailbox Garden, and has been chosen as Garden of the Month several seasons ago!

If you, or any of your friends or neighbors have a garden you feel is noteworthy for its color, design, type of plantings, etc, and deserves recognition, please contact Garden of the Month Chair, Janet Snowdon at 603-362-4779. You can also find us at and on Facebook.



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