EXETER — Rockingham VNA & Hospice has launched a fundraising effort to support its Telehealth Monitoring Program.

The Telehealth monitor enables the elderly or those living with chronic illnesses to monitor their vital statistics at home and to share the information remotely with the Rockingham VNA & Hospice office. Nursing staff at Rockingham VNA & Hospice are then able to use this information to identify early warning signs or any significant changes in the patient’s condition. Based on the results that are transmitted, medical staff is able to respond appropriately to each patient’s needs.

Each Telehealth monitor unit costs $3,650 which is not covered by insurance or Medicare.

“We are asking for your help to make the Telehealth monitor available to our friends and neighbors who would benefit from having access to this device,” said Karen Michel, executive director of Rockingham VNA & Hospice. “The monitors assist with improving our patients’ quality of life and help to prevent avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalizations.”

Rockingham VNA & Hospice serves a number of people in the community who are living with chronic or debilitating medical conditions who want to be able to remain in their homes. The use of the Telehealth monitor provides these patients with a certain measure of comfort, as they know if there is any change in their condition or any cause for concern that a representative from Rockingham VNA & Hospice will contact them.

“Please consider making a donation to Rockingham VNA & Hospice’s general fund or a specific gift to the Telehealth Monitoring Program today to help us continue to bring the most advanced health services to the residents of our communities, regardless of their ability to pay,” said Michel. “Your generosity will enable us to help many patients to live comfortably and independently in their own homes.”

Donations to support this program can be mailed directly to Rockingham VNA & Hospice at 137 Epping Road, Exeter, NH 03833. Please make a note in the memo of the check that the donation is intended for the Telehealth Monitoring Program.

For more information, call 1-800-540-2981.

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