SANDOWN – Sandown residents are urged to attend the selectman’s meeting on Mon., June 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the Sandown Town Hall to continue talking about the problem with Cyanobacteria on Phillips Pond. This is the second meeting; they are more or less fact-finding and deciding where to go from here? This is why Phillips Pond Association wants as many people to come with ideas as possible.

Cyanobacteria are dangerous to animals and humans and have potential serious health risks. It is often referred to as “blue-green algae.”

Jody Connor, Limnology Center Director of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) at the last meeting discussed the bacteria problem on the pond and answer questions from selectmen and residents.

Last year, the newly formed Phillips Pond Association, in concert with the town of Sandown and the State of New Hampshire, worked to control invasive and dangerous weeds on the pond, which were a threat to swimmers and the water quality of the pond.

While Cyanobacteria has been present from time to time on the pond, last fall it resulted in state warnings not to swim on the pond at certain times of the month.

Showell’s Pond in Sandown, which feeds into Phillips Pond, was closed to swimming for most of last summer due to the same contamination.

As Barbara Cameron, president of the Phillips Pond Association said before “This is our next biggest challenge to protect and preserve this valuable town resource”. “I urge all residents to help insure that the pond is free from bacteria by attending this important meeting so that the Pond can be enjoyed by all town residents for years to come”.

Phillips Pond is the primary swimming and water recreation area for town residents.

For more information, contact Barbara Cameron at

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