Boat Cleaning Mobile Units visits Kingston Lake  

KINGSTON — CD3 Wayside Solar Boat Cleaning Mobile Unit will be available at the parking area on Main Street opposite the town and state ramps from August 27 to September 3. This opportunity is made possible by NH Lakes.

CD3 stands for Clean Drain Dry Dispose. This waterless system empowers boaters to prevent the spread of invasive species with user operated cleaning equipment. CD3 is user friendly, it includes a wet dry vacuum, air blower, tethered hand tools and LED lights. When boats enter/exit the lake, they may use this system to clean their boat, trailer and other gear. It usually takes 3-7 minutes to perform clean-out actions. The CD3 Mobile Unit has been traveling to lakes around the state. It has received high public approval; it is easy to use and it is free.

Kingston Lake Association (KLA) hopes boaters will take advantage of this technology to help prevent the spread of invasives. Even if you are not a boating enthusiast or boat owner come and take a look at the newest innovation to help keep NH lakes healthy and free from the spread of invasive species. This unit will help the public increase compliance with invasive rules and regulations.


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