On April 27th, at their monthly HAWK Awards assembly, the students and staff at Barnard School in South Hampton hosted a brunch for their many volunteers.

The students and staff celebrated the time, efforts, talents and energy of these dedicated community members.

HAWK stands for Honor, Wisdom, Achievement and Kindness. Each month, the staff awards those students and fellow staff members, who personify the meaning of those words.

Joining the students and staff recognized in April, were many volunteers.

This year, over 70 volunteers donated more than 800 collective hours in the classroom and through special programs, projects, and PTO activities.

Just one of the many projects this year involved several volunteers who have spent endless hours logging the thousands of classroom library books into a computerized Book CAT program.

The PTO held fundraisers, sponsored a ski and snowboard program, and ran a concession stand at the soccer and basketball games.

In the classrooms volunteers helped out on a weekly basis. These are but a few of the many ways volunteers assisted all the students and staff.

Volunteers left the brunch with full bellies, smiles, and their HAWK Awards certificates knowing that they make a difference in the lives of the students and staff, and that Barnard School is a better place because of their unselfish dedication.

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