Two Danville Authors, and friends, Release Books

DANVILLE —This is a story about two women who were neighbors, became friends, and over the years, became authors.

Rosemarie E. Bishop moved to Danville in 1995 with her husband, Christopher. She began working full-time in the financial services and marketing industries. She also very much enjoyed her part-time job as the Animal Control Officer in her town of Danville. Most importantly, she continued writing and publishing her books through it all.

Catherine Correnti moved to Danville in 2004, right around the corner from Rosemarie and her husband.  She moved with her husband, Joseph, and their 18 month-old son, Andonino.

In her younger years Mrs. Correnti enjoyed a variety of managerial positions in the restaurant and distribution industries. Later she worked for Boston Tolls and Tunnels for nine years before starting her own business in 1997. In 2001, after moving to Derry, New Hampshire, she re-established her business being dedicated to caring for people, their homes, and commercial properties.

Both women worked very hard at their day jobs while caring for their families, not having enough time in their days for much else. Little did the women know that one phone call would change their lives, bringing them together for many years to come.

One day, while Cathy was still getting familiar with the neighborhood, she came across a stray dog. She thought it best to call Animal Control, and Rosemarie was there to respond. Once the dog was taken care of, Mrs. Bishop called Mrs. Correnti to inform her of the outcome.  The women talked for awhile and realized how close they lived to each other. Their properties abutted each other through the woods. Rose said to Cathy, “I promise. Someday I’ll walk through the woods and pay you a visit.” Unfortunately, their busy lives held them from that visit and a few years passed them by. Never-the-less, as Rosemarie promised, the day came that she walked through the woods into Cathy’s backyard to reacquaint herself with her neighbor. Once again, the ladies reunited and began a bonding friendship.

Although their professions were quite different, they realized how much they had in common. Rose had created beautifully manicured foot paths through the woods that would lead them to each other’s backyards. Sometimes they would meet along the paths where they had set up a nice area to sit and visit away from phones and people.  They also began sharing food and recipes, shopping for flowers, and watching each other’s homes and pets when they would go away, as well as enjoying quiet days out and gatherings with friends and family. Most of all they shared a love for writing.

It was there, along the footpaths, that Cathy learned Rosemarie had published several books already. Rosemarie had also coached many authors to the publishing level, which is something she still does today. Cathy had a few manuscripts that she couldn’t get off the shelf and into print. Cathy was intrigued at how motivated Rosemarie was, having written and published so many books before the women even met. Although Rose’s books were darker mysteries in the realm of soft-horror, Cathy’s were focused on books for children to read.  But it didn’t matter. Writing is writing, and both women understood how each put their hearts into their work.

Cathy only needed encouragement, which Rose provided, but one life interruption after another prevented Cathy from moving forward. It wasn’t until Mrs. Correnti had health issues, which involved overcoming cancer, then pneumonia that landed her in the hospital and required major surgery, that she finally chose to press on. Cathy contacted Page Publishing to assist with her illustrations and publication of her first children’s book.

Coincidentally, Cathy’s first children’s book, “Horris the Hippo Has the Hiccips”, (, and  Rose’s seventh book, “Children In The Park,” ( were both released in March 2019. Rose and Cathy just happened to have a spiritual gathering to attend late in March, so they toasted their joint accomplishments with friends who have been in their lives for many years.

Some things are just meant to be.

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