Hello, Carriage Towne Readers! After being stuck inside the house all winter it has been so nice to get outside again! Although spring isn’t exactly what some of us had hoped for it is better than the dreary winter’s cold. Warmer weather is coming soon so now is a great time to get out and see some new things and to try a new venture. Let me tell you about a recent venture that I decided to take!

I wanted to do something different and experience something new. I have been a lifelong tea drinker (I love my tea!) so I decided to search for an authentic tea parlor. My journey took me to the Silver Fountain Inn and Tea Parlor located in Dover.

I am a devoted fan of the BBC TV show Downton Abbey. I think I’ve watched it six times! Walking into the Silver Fountain Inn is a real delight and immediately transported me to that time and place! My how things have changed over the past 100 years. If you want to go back in time, the Silver Fountain will take you there. The Victorian ambiance is breathtaking with its lace curtains, tablecloths, furniture and architecture. Any architect or fan of Victoriana won’t be disappointed. They surely don’t make buildings or furniture the way they did back then. Come and be delighted!

The Silver Fountain Inn and Tea Parlor is owned and operated by Innkeepers Jim and Pam Pidgeon. When the Pidgeons bought the Inn in 2013 it was a dream come true. They have truly outdone themselves with this local treasure. Pam served my friend and I the day we first experienced a real old-fashioned tea luncheon. The menu has various choices of teas ranging from Black Teas, Rooibos Teas, traditional Earl Grey, and so much more. The luncheon selections are varied and the dessert menu includes decadent treats such as the lavender lemon cake, petit fours, and scones served with lemon curd. I could go on forever!

The Inn also offers events such as Themed Dinner Theatres and Murder Mysteries including Downton Abbey or Titanic inspired evenings. It is also an incredible venue for wedding or baby showers or other intimate events.

Remember, the tea, the food, the desserts are amazing and sharing an afternoon at the Silver Fountain Inn and Tea Parlor with family and friends and being in the moment is what trying new ventures is all about.

Happy Teas to You! Don’t forget to wear your fascinator (those cute little hats) if you’d like when you go. You’ll look so British!


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