Kingston History Book Update

(Photo Courtesy Evy Nathan)

KINGSTON — As we are just past Memorial Day, this moody cemetery photo, pictured, caught my interest. It was submitted to the History Book Committee by Evy Nathan. It captures much of the emotions we feel about honoring our past heroes, friends, and family. There is a section in chapter 14 of the History Book that lists the local public and private cemeteries in Chapter 14. In this section, we mention many of the famous people who are buried there including Josiah Bartlett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Betty and Barney Hill of UFO fame.

Chapter 14 also covers many of the townspeople's efforts to preserve our town’s history, feel, and culture. We discuss what events shaped Kingston’s history and how the town has grown. Groups like SELT (Southeast Land Trust), FOKOS (Friends of Kingston Open Space), Kingston Lake Association, Country Pond Association, and PowWow Pond Council are all managing our natural resources. Also, we discuss how the town plans for future growth through the work of the Planning Board and the creation of concepts like Envision Kingston II.

The Committees's efforts to bring you a newly revised History Book of Kingston are almost at an end. We expect to have the books delivered to us in just a few short weeks, we hope by the middle of June. If you paid for shipping, we will be sending them off as soon as we can. If you ordered them from the Town Clerk’s office, they will have your book ready to be picked up. Also, if you ordered at the Library, just stop by and they will have a book for you. When you see one of these books, we are sure you will want to buy one, they are really special. If so, go to either the Town Clerk's office or the Library. Both will have books to sell.

Books are full color, 8 x 10 in size, and 760 pages long. There is a neat timeline on the front and back inside cover that is fun to read and imagine what was happening here in town all through Kingston’s history. The list of people and places mentioned in the book ran into 43 pages of index. It’s fun to look at the index and see how many of your friends and neighbors ‘Made the Book’.

Books cost $50.00, and we believe they will be a valuable reference in your home library.



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