DERRY —Since time began, plant medicine — the science of using herbs and natural remedies — has been the world’s primary form of promoting health and treating illness.

Learn how you can stay healthy when everyone around you gets sick at the “Herbal Survival Kit” class on Wed., September 22, from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Join Ehris and Velya of Grounded Goodwife via Zoom to build your wellness herbal apothecary, breeze through the winter, and be ready to enjoy spring! Antiviral herbs/ingredients, along with a strong immune system, can make all the difference.

At this online presentation learn three natural, effective DIY remedies to dropkick a winter bug before it even takes hold (or at least shorten its duration): Chemical-Free Hand Sanitizer, Plague-Be-Gone Roll-On, and Nix the Vicks Herbal Vapor Rub.

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