Winners will be annouced when district results compile

Article 1: Election of Officers

School Board Member: three-year term, elect one

Janice Bennett: 722

School Board Member at Large: three-year term, elect one

Rebecca Hallisey: 731

Moderator: one-year term, elect one

Richard Russman: 727

Budget Committee Member: three-year term, elect one

No candidate

Budget Committee Member at Large: two-year term, elect one

Jay Pramberg: 707

Article 2: General acceptance of reports

Yes: 824

No: 63

Article 3: Operating budget of $29,829,484. If defeated, the default budget will be $29,956,200.

Yes: 663

No: 271

Article 4: Professional staff agreement

Yes: 539

No: 409

Article 5: Support staff agreement

Yes: 527

No: 418

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