KINGSTON — Clinical Depression is much more than just having a sad or a "blue" day. Real depression lingers. It saps your strength. It robs your joy. You wonder if it'll ever end. You wonder why some people were helped out of it but you, doing what they did, are still mired in it.

New Creation Healing Center, 80 Route 125, Kingston, is a whole-person center of wellness which brings together family practice medicine (a physician and two nurse practitioners), massage (a licensed therapist), counseling (two board certified professionals), a chaplain, and a support staff to help the whole person -- body, soul and spirit.

"One size does not fit all" when it comes to medicine. This is especially true when it comes to treating depression.

If your depression is bio-chemical in its roots, medicine might be helpful. But if your depression comes from a nagging memory of something horrible that happened to you years ago, counseling might be the answer. Medicines might temporarily mask the pain but not solve the problem.

If your depression comes from guilt (not feelings of false guilt but real guilt for some major thing you did wrong) your spiritual advisor may be the one to turn to.

Often, however, a person's depression comes from several different root causes. In those cases, utilizing one kind of professional might help somewhat, but not take the depression, away because the whole complex of root causes is not being addressed by the various people gifted and trained to help you.

New Creation Healing Center treats the whole person. It regularly offers the conference, "Receiving God's Help With Depression," as a way of helping you understand the complexity of depression and the comprehensive treatment you need. It is pleased to offer it once again on Sat., September 28 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The conference is designed not only to teach you about your depression, but to help you develop a plan to overcome it. In addition to group lectures, participants will have the opportunity to meet with professionals including a counselor, a physician, and a nurse practitioner. In addition to learning helpful tools, and developing an individualized action plan, each participant may also receive prayer ministry, if desired, from a gentle, trained team that ministers in a non-denominational Christian way.

Cost for the day is $35.00. Lunch is included. For more information, call New Creation at 603-642-6700 or visit



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