HAVERHILL, MA – The first church stop on Nashville’s MARK209 New England tour will be Good Shepherd United Methodist, 471 Main St., Haverhill, MA. Because of Covic-19, the Fri., August 7 concert will be held at 6:00 p.m. on the church lawn instead of inside the church. 

The well-known award-winning quartet, along with their amazing piano player, Josh Pope, has chosen this venue for an all gospel and hymn request program, featuring songs from their Grassroots cd series. Because the church is practicing social-distancing, spaces are limited and calling ahead is highly recommended so no one will be disappointed. Masks are optional, but social-distancing is required. There will also be a limited number of parking spaces for folks who choose to remain in their cars or set up a chair beside the car.

The outdoor concert is a safe way for music lovers to get out of their homes and into the fresh air to listen to some uplifting music. Unfortunately there is no venue in the event of rain.  

MARK209 will be performing at least five additional concerts in the area during their three-week stay in New Hampshire.

For information or to report the number attending, call 603-329-6047.    

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