Lindsey Cunningham

Lindsey Cunningham is Kingston resident and 10 year member of the Kingston Fire Department. During his tenure with Kingston Fire, he worked as a firefighter and was certified and practiced as an EMT-B for the last five years. Lindsey has recently requested a leave of absence in order to fulfill a one-year deployment in Afghanistan.

As a member of the Army Reserves since August, 2000, Lindsey received his training as a combat medic and expects to serve in that capacity while overseas. He has earned the rank of Sergeant with the 402nd Forward Surgical Team based out of Fort Devens, MA where he is undergoing his preliminary training. His deployment is scheduled for July.

Lindsey’s wife Amanda and two young boys, Lindsey and Keyn will be relocating during his deployment to be nearer to her family. Best wishes to Lindsey and his family for the sacrifices they are all making. We pray that you will be safe!

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