KINGSTON —We all know those words, "Get your affairs in order."

It's great advice whether you're old or not and whether you're sick or not.

If we don't have our affairs in order, decisions will have to be made by our survivors during a time when they're emotionally distraught over our passing.

If we don't have our affairs in order, family fights, often with long-lasting consequences, may ensue.

But what are those "affairs," and how do we get them "in order"?

New Creation Healing Center, a facility bringing together family practice medicine (a physician and two nurse practitioners), counseling (two professionals), massage, patient and community education and Christian spirituality, is once again offering the popular program, "Finishing Life's Journey Well."

Comprising the teaching team, once again, will be a funeral director, an elder law attorney, a licensed mental health counselor, a clergyman, a doctor, and a financial planner. This team has offered this course yearly and to rave reviews.

Numbers of questions will be addressed such as: How do I make decisions about Social Security?

What emotional issues will my loved ones face as I near death? How do I provide for my children who are minors or my developmentally delayed adult children? What is a health care proxy? What is the difference between a health care proxy and a living will, and which is better for me? How can writing a will bless those who inherit from me and not cause the family problems or lose money to the state? How should I plan my wake (calling hours) and my funeral? What are the advantages and disadvantages of burial versus cremation?

The program will be offered on Sat., October 12 at The Meeting House, 80 Route 125, Kingston. This facility is well equipped for the heard of hearing.

Registration fee is $29.00 by October 3, $35.00 after October 3. There is a group discount of $25.00 per person for groups of 5-9 and $20.00 for groups of 10 or more. You must register and pay together by October 3 to receive a group discount.

This program is not just for the elderly or sickly, but for them and those who help them make decisions. Church leaders, pastors, elders, deacons, those who work with a senior population, have found this program very helpful.

For further information contact New Creation Healing Center at 603-642-6700. Visit the website at



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