SANDOWN — Now that spring is finally here, one may notice that many perennials in the garden are in need of help. Most plants benefit from dividing. It keeps them healthy. Many perennials grow quickly, forming large clumps. If they are not divided, these clumps can die out in the center, leaving a bare hole. Division also protects them from fungal diseases and insect infestations. Overcrowded perennials often have fewer and/or smaller flowers than their well-spaced counterparts. Some perennials can be vigorous, even aggressive growers, overwhelming their neighbors.

If you would like to give your perennials a fresh start this year, please call Fran Rosenau of the Sandown Garden Club at 603-887-5131. She will schedule a time, at your convenience, to divide those perennials that need a little help this spring. As in years past, SGC members will arrive at your home to divide those established plants, leaving your garden looking refreshed. They will then take the surplus plants to be potted and prepared for the Sandown Garden Club’s annual Plant Sale starting on Sat., June 5.

Please call early to schedule a dig in your garden before the Club’s plant quota is reached. Some plants may be restricted. Proceeds from these donated plants support the Club’s many projects and its conservation, beautification and education endeavors. The Sandown Garden Club is a non-profit organization. For more information, please visit or the Club’s Facebook page.



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