Community Service Award Winners

ATKINSON — The Atkinson Lions held their monthly dinner meeting on January 3 where they hosted and honored the winners of the 2019 Community Service Award; Caroline Diamond and Emily Hogan, pictured above, from left. Emily and Caroline were accompanied by their parents as Emily’s and Caroline’s many service-oriented activities were detailed in a short ceremony, followed by a brief update by Emily and Caroline on their current college statuses.

The Lions motto is “We Serve!”. With these annual Community Service Awards the Atkinson Lions recognize two young adults ($1,000 each) who also serve. The winners are judged solely on each applicant’s record of community service; academics and non-service related activities are not considered. Importantly, these are cash awards, not scholarships. All Atkinson seniors are eligible regardless of post-graduation plans.

The 2020 program will be announced in late January with applications due back to the Atkinson Lions in later April. The Lions hope and expect that 2020 will bring the most accomplished set of applicants yet. If you know of worthy Atkinson high school seniors, please be sure to bring this award to their attention and encourage them to apply.

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