DERRY —The Church of Spiritual Life, NSAC is a dynamic and growing group of people who have found their own personal truths reflected in the teachings of Spiritualism.

Although parishioners come from a wide variety of backgrounds, members are united by their beliefs and their common goal to advance the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Modern Spiritualism within themselves and the community.

The Church is located at 58 East Broadway in the Masonic Temple in Derry. The service begins at 10:30 a.m., with a healing meditation both for those present and for loved ones who need healing, an inspirational talk and message-giving. There is a coffee hour after the service. Following fellowship, there are meditation circles, workshops or classes in mediumship at which all are welcome.

Special Event: Astral Projection Workshop on Sun., July 28. This two-hour workshop will answer questions, such as: How is astral projection different from dreams and near death experiences? What are the benefits (and dangers) of astral projection? How can I prepare to do this myself? Where will I go, and who will I meet? What does it feel like to leave your physical body? The class will be given by Louisa Roof, Mus.B., M.M., M.S., Certified Medium and Licentiate Minister, NSAC. The cost is 25.00 per person.

The Church of Spiritual Life, a member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, is based on nine principles of life, rather than a stringent dogma. More information can be found at and



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