KINGSTON — Three hundred and twenty-five years ago, Kingston was a community of mostly loggers and farmers. Today, this community boasts a multi-talented population and a history that stretches back 10,000 years to when the Western Abenaki people lived here.

A lot of history has transpired in this place by Great Pond, from its Stone Age origins to its founding in 1694 by Europeans colonists, to Dr. Josiah Bartlett signing the Declaration of Independence, and helping to create a new nation.

For months, a group of dedicated volunteers have been busy researching and writing an update to Kingston’s history. It’s peppered with wonderful, well- and little-known information, such as a collection of Stone Age tools at the Historical Society, some that date back 8,000 years. And that the town owes the British crown 325 peppercorns, its unpaid rent of one peppercorn a year as required by its original royal charter.

Although the volunteers are writing the book, to produce it requires funds for professional design and printing. The Kingston Town History Committee is currently seeking financial help through donations and sponsorships to defray the cost of producing what should be a roughly 500-page, hardcover book anyone would be proud to have on their bookshelf.

The committee is accepting sponsorships in the amounts of $500, $275, and $100 in the coming weeks. Sponsors names will be prominently displayed in the book.

Lesser donations are also welcome and will be gratefully received, as well as “In Memoriam” listings at $15.00 a line.

Committee members have been out visiting and soliciting sponsorships, and letters will be mailed requesting personal donations. Donation forms are available online at, but can also be found under the Museum and Heritage pages, follow the links to the History Book, Sponsorship form.

For more information, contact Bob Bean at 603-289-5027 or, as well as Lesley Hume at 603-702-2021 or



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