KINGSTON — For the past several weeks, a growing number of people in southern Rockingham County have tuned into a live streamed worship service from Trinity Church.

With lively music and a helpful sermon applying the Bible to day-to-day life, many who still do not feel comfortable in going out to a service of worship have taken comfort in Trinity's live streaming.

But one thing was missing. Words to the hymns and prayers.

This problem has been solved. Our videographers -- engineer Jeremy Smith and family practice doctor Mary Pearson -- have learned how to add the words so people watching the live streams can sing along and pray along with the people in church.

The live streaming can be accessed at live at 4 p.m. on Saturdays and any time afterwards.

And we're thrilled when people, having seen us on facebook, want to check us out live. Services at Saturdays at 4 pm and Sundays at 10 am at 80 Route 125, Kingston.

We practice all the appropriate protocols. People are asked to wash their hands or use sanitizer upon entering the building. We ask people to wear masks and we have extras in case someone has left his or hers at home. Seats are placed individually or pairs for people living under the same roof. And for those just easing back into worshiping live, seating is even more spread out in the balcony.

As a church in the Anglican expression, we use the Book of Common Prayer in our services and celebrate Holy Communion every week.

All are welcome to services.

For more information call 603-571-0205.


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