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January 7, 2013

Worms in Winter?

STRATHAM —Not something most of us think about. But… are you “thinking spring”? Perusing your garden catalogs and planning for gorgeous flowers and healthy vegetables?  Maybe first, you should think of the basics and how to improve and amend your garden soil, be composting your winter fruit and veggie scraps.

For another great and interesting idea, come to the January 17, meeting of the Exeter Area Garden Club and hear guest speaker, Joan O’Connor of Henniker, discuss Vermiculture – Composting with worms year round.

These red wiggler worms are the most efficient yet simplest way to turn organic waste into rich garden compost. Joan is a strong proponent of recycling kitchen scraps to enrich garden soil. Worms eat more than their own weight in food every day, and then produce the rich castings that mix with the soil. This is an interesting, low maintenance, cost-effective process to improve garden soil for more productive vegetables and prettier flowers.

To learn more, don't miss the meeting on Thurs., January 17, 9:30 a.m. at the Stratham Community Church on Emery Lane in Stratham. Visitors are always welcome on the third Thursday of each month.

For more information about this active garden club, visit them online at

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