, Kingston, NH

July 11, 2013

Over-the-Hill League

By Howie Steadman
Carriage Towne News

---- — By Howie Steadman

HAMPSTEAD — In the semi-final round of single elimination playoffs, fourth seeded United Business Machines (UBM) upset and eliminated top seeded RAM Printing 71-59. Second seeded Hampstead Center Market eliminated third seeded Atkinson Graphics 60-45. This sets up the single elimination final next week between UBM and Center Market.

UBM 71

RAM 59

UBM was led by John Ganem with 23 including very nice 7-9 from the free throw line. Kent Anson popped in 17 including three 3’s, Gary Sonnenscham plinked in 11, Peter Sweet willed in 10 including perfect 2-2 from the line, Bob Clarke jammed in 8 including perfect 2-2 from the line, Dana Knowles slipped in 2 and good defense from Howie Steadman.

RAM was led by hot shooting Craig Anderson with 19 including five 3’s. Ben Ruggles punched in 13, Joe Dzengeleski rammed in 10, Gary Cebula popped in 9 including very nice 7-9 from the line, Anthony Serino slipped in 6, Mike Rockwood willed in 2 and good hustle from Mike McConnell and Jim White.



Center Market was led by rookie Steve Ellis with 31 including three 3’s and awesome 14-15 from the line. Bill Fantini popped in 12 with nice 6-8 from the line, Mike Desmond flipped in 9, Steve Drelick rammed in 6 including perfect 2-2 from the line, Dave Rowell slipped in 2 and great defense from Mike Pierce, Dennis Faino, and Keith Capulli.

Atkinson was led by Sean Morrissey with 25 including one 3 and very nice 8-9 from the line. Mike Sandberg slipped in 8, Ron Buccini popped in 6, Tom Ferrari drove in 5, and Bob Edwards scored one on his dismal 1-4 free throw performance, and good hustle from John Mayhew, Kevin Stanton and Bob Giordano.