, Kingston, NH

June 6, 2013

Over-the-Hill League

By Howie Steadman
Carriage Towne News

---- — HAMPSTEAD – In the eight of ten weeks of regular season play, Hampstead Center Market remained in sole possession of first place as their bionic coach Craig Wlodyka led them to a 50-47 win over Century Copiers. Atkinson Graphics remained tied for 2nd by hanging up on the winless Small World Wireless 47-39. RAM Printing paper jammed United Business Machine (UBM) 54-47.



Atkinson was led by Sean Morrissay with 19 including perfect 4-4 from the free throw line. Bob Edwards whirled in 13 but demonstrated one of the worst free throw shooting efforts in league history with his 1 for 8 abomination. Ron Buccini popped in 12 but unlike Bob, hit a perfect 2-2 from the line. Tom Ferrari dropped in 3 and great defense from Jerry Kamitian, Kevin Stanton and Bob Giordano.

Small World was led by Bill Whearty with 19. Dave Youngblood slipped in 6, rookie John Boutin willed in 5 with perfect 3-3 from the line, Bill Chasse slipped in 4, Bob Dudal dropped in 3, Gerry Collins added 2 and good hustle from Rick Leuchte and Chad Dresser who also missed both free throw attempts.


UBM 47 (3-5)

RAM was led by Craig Anderson with 15 with perfect 4-4 from the floor (you watching Edwards?) Gary Cebula slung in 14, Joe Dzengeleski slammed in 13 but dismal 3-6 from the line, Mike McConnell posted 6 but with weak 2-7 from the line, Anthony Serino slipped in 3, Mike Rockwood snuck in 2 and Jim White added 1 but missed two free throws.

UBM was led by Kent Anson and John Ganem with 13, Kent a perfect 2-2 from the line but John a disappointing 1-4 from the line. Gary Sonnenscham popped in 7, Dana Knowles and Howie Steadman added 2 and good hustle from Bob Clark and James Gardner.



Center Market was once led by (getting to be a habit) Steve Ellis with 19 including two 3-pointers. Bill Fantini popped in 14 with perfect 2-2 from the line. Mike Desmond whirled in 13, Dave Rowell slipped in 4 and great defense from Mike Pierce, Dennis Faino, and Keith Capulli.

Century was led by John Keisling with 14. Rich Wells slammed in 13 including two 3’s, Dave Wojo muscled in 10 but missed both free throws, Mike Koutelis popped in 3, Ross Huntington, Frank Clemente and rookie Kevin Bartolotta all added 2 but Kevin missed both free throws. Ray Wilburn also added a point.