, Kingston, NH

July 5, 2012

Over-the-Hill League

By Howie Steadman

HAMPSTEAD — In the Semi-Final round of playoffs, last place Century Copiers upset 1st place RAM Printing in one of the highest scoring games of the year 71-61. Fifth place United Business Machines (UBM) upset 2nd place Small World Wireless in triple overtime 39-37. That sets up the final game next week between Century Copiers and UBM. My prediction is UBM by 10.



Century was led by sore-backed Rich Wells with 21 including 2-3s and perfect 5-5 from the line. Rookie Bill Whearty slammed in 20, Mike Koutelis popped in 12 on 4-3s, Bill Chasse slipped in 8, Peter Sweet plinked in 7 with late game 5-6 from the line, Tom Ferrari added 4 and great defense from Bill Clarke, Ray Wilburn and Mike Rockwood.

RAM was led by Ben Ruggles and Dave Goyette, each with 18. Ben hit 2-3s and Dave hit one. John Keisling popped in 13 including 2-3s but only 1-3 from the line, Bob Dudal slipped in 5 but also only 1-3 from the line, Dave Rowell added 4 and Gary Sonnenschem 3 on a 3 pointer, and good hustle from Mike McConnell, Bob Kuhl and Howie Steadman.



UBM was led by Kent Anson and Bill Fantini with12 with Bill missing both free throw attempts. Dave Wojo slammed in 6, Bob Edwards slipped in 4 but nasty 2-8 from the line, Ross Huntington added 3 but only 1-3 from the line, James Gardner slipped in 2 and great defense from , Jim White and Mark Cerniglia.

Small World Wireless was led by Rookie John Ganem with 11. Ron Buccini and Gary Cebula popped in 10, Gary hitting 2-3s and perfect 2-2 from the line. Bob Clarke added 6 and good hustle from Craig Wlodyka, Mike Pierce, Bob Giordano, Dennis Faino and Dave Young.