, Kingston, NH

April 4, 2013

Men's Basketball

By Howie Steadman
Carriage Towne News

---- — HAMPSTEAD - Commissioner Mike McConnell announced that the Hampstead Over the Hill Mens Basketball League will begin their season on April 3 with games scheduled for 6:00 p.m., 7:15 p.m., and 8:00 p.m, and every Wednesday thereafter. The public is welcome to attend.

This year’s team rosters are as follows:

Atkinson Graphics -Player/Coach Jerry Kamitian, Ron Buccini, Bob Edwards, Tom Ferrari, Bob Giordano, John Mayhew, Sean Morrissey, Mike Sandberg and Kevin Stanton.

Century Copiers-Player/Coach Mike Koutelis, Kevin Bartolotta, Frank Clemente, Ross Huntington, John Keisling, Rich Wells, Ray Wilburn and Dave Wojichowski.

Hampstead Center Market-Player/Coach Craig Wlodyka, Mike Desmond, Steve Drelick, Steve Ellis, Dennis Faino, Bill Fantini, Dave Rowell and Mike Pierce.

RAM Printing-Player/Coach Ben Ruggles, Craig Anderson, Keith Capulli, Gary Cebula, Joe Dzengeleski, Mike McConnell, Mike Rockwood, Anthony Serino and Jim White.

Small World Wireless-Player/Coach Dave Youngblood, John Boutin, Bill Chasse, Gerry Collins, Chad Dresser, Bob Dudal, Rick Leuchte, and Bill Whearty.

United Business Machines (UBM)-Player/Coach Kent Anson, Bob Clarke, Ken Fure, John Ganem, James Gardner, Dana Knowles, Gary Sonnenschem, Howie Steadman, and Peter Sweet.

Commissioner McConnell would also like to thank this year’s sponsors.