, Kingston, NH

October 11, 2012

Men's Masters Basketball

---- — HAMPSTEAD — In week two of the Hampstead Men’s Masters Basketball League Captain Pat Curry’s United Business Machines (1-1)

outlasted Captain Craig Wlodyka’s L&M Construction (1-1), 51-47, while in the second games Gelinas Siding (1-0) slipped past Captain Ken Wolenski’s Village Vinyl (0-1), 60-56, while in the second game Captain Bob Dudal’s Dunkin’ Donuts East Hampstead (1-1) defeated Captain Ken Wolenski’s Village Vinyl (0-2), 54-43. In the final game, Captain Dave Rowell’s Gelinas Siding (2-0) topped Captain Stan Lewis’ East Coast Lumber (1-1), 60-54.

UBM 51 (1-1)

L&M Construction 47 (1-1)

UBM had a slim 14-12 lead after the first period, but L&M grabbed the lead, 25-22, at the half. UBM was able to take the lead

back in the third frame, 39-33, and hung on for the 51-47 win.  Bill Whearty led UBM with 19 points, followed by Harry Williams

with 12 points, John Keisling 11 points, Dick Danner 6 points, and Don Bell with 3 points.  L&M was led by Scott Doyle’s 11

points along with Kevin Young’s 9 points, Jeff Steenson 8 points, Howie Steadman and Matt Tulley 7 points each, and Craig

Wlodyka and Paul Ramos 2 points each.  UBM led in field goals, 17-14, while L&M led in three-pointers, 3-2, and free throw

shooting, hitting 7 of 14 for 50% versus UBM’s 11 of 25 for 44%.

Dunkin’ Donuts EH 54 (1-1)

Village Vinyl 43 (0-2)

Village held a 12-10 lead after the first quarter, and extended their lead to 25-18 at the half. Dunkin’ came all the way

back take the lead, 36-34, going into the final quarter where they  got hot at the right time for the 54-43 win.  Fred Malcolm

led Dunkin’ with 15 points and got help from Matt Gorham with 12 points, Wayne Hamilton 8 points, John Sheehan and Dano Anderson

6 points each, Ken Fure 4 points and Ben Ruggles with 3 points. Village was led by Sean Morrissey with 12 points along with

Jim Whitehouse and Mike Desmond 10 points each, Ken Wolenski 5 points, Tim McDonald 4 points and Ross Huntington with 2 points.

Dunkin’ led in field goals, 23-17, and free throw shooting, hitting 5 of 11 for 45% versus Village’s 3 of 8 for 38%.  Village

led in three-pointers, 2-1.

Gelinas Siding 60 (2-0)

East Coast 54 (1-1)

Gelinas came out shooting and grabbed an 18-13 first quarter lead, but East Coast was able to turn the tables and led at the

half, 29-27. East Coast was able to add to their lead, 41-37, going in the final quarter, but Gelinas took back control in

the final frame for the 60-54 win. Kevin McCarthy led Gelinas with 18 points followed by Jason Kimball with 14 points, Ken

Gelinas 8 points, Steve Thompson 7 points, Mark Raumikaitis 5 points, Dave Goyette 4 points, and Dave Rowell and John Suprenant

with 2 points each. East Coast was led by Craig McGuire with 14 points along with Scott True with 9 points, Russ Evans 7 points,

and Stan Lewis, Bill Demers, Gary Cebula, and Keith Therrien all with 6 points each. Gelinas led in field goals, 19-15, and

free throw shooting, hitting 13 of 24 for 54% versus East Coast’s 12 of 24 for 50%.  East Coast led in three-pointers, 4-3.