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August 8, 2013

How to Buy School Clothes Without Busting your Budget

Parents often note that kids seem to grow like weeds. Pants that once reached to the tops of a youngster’s feet quickly become too short, while once-loose shirts may soon become too snug. Many parents find themselves regularly in children’s clothing departments stocking up on the basics, which can put quite a dent in already stretched-thin budgets.

Although children’s wardrobes are added to at various times of the year, the bulk of shopping occurs just before the school year begins. Though clothing can be expensive, families need not bust their budgets when shopping for kids’ clothing. By shopping smart and concentrating on fashion staples, it’s easier to stretch money further.

* Spread out purchases. Shopping early allows parents to make the most of sales. Warm weather clothing generally goes on sale in July to make room for new fall lines. Considering the first few months of school still may be warm, short-sleeved shirts will still have utility and are generally less expensive than sweaters and sweatshirts.

Staggering purchases also enables parents to develop a clothing allowance each and every month instead of having one large bill at a certain point in the year. Parents can even add to their children’s wardrobes during the holiday season, when clothes tend to get reduced again for holiday sales.

* Don’t discount hand-me-downs. It’s trendy to recycle clothing and also to be environmentally conscious by putting items to good use again and again. Aside from you and your wallet, no one will know if your child is wearing a secondhand pair of pants or a brand new pair. Many school moms are anxious to swap clothing with others to lessen their own financial burdens with children’s clothing. Start a clothing swap with a group of friends, and you may find you have more than you need in the way of clothes for the kids.

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