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September 26, 2013

How to Stay Well During Cold and Flu Season


Store hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and unlike many other stores, the pharmacy holds the same hours. Instead of trying to track down special hours or feeling the frustration of walking up to a closed pharmacy, customers can relax and know that if the store is open, so is the pharmacy.

Currently, the pharmacy has a lot to offer as Raymond explains. “In the state of New Hampshire, we can offer three immunizations: the seasonal flu, pneumonia, and shingles.”

There are also free blood pressure checks, done by a pharmacist. Every pharmacist at Walgreens is trained to do them, eliminating the inaccuracies some of the blood pressure machines may give when not properly maintained. In the future, they hope to expand health testing to include services such as glucose and body mass index (BMI) testing, all done by a pharmacist. These are perfect examples of the one-on-one customer service experience the store is striving for.

“We’ll do reminder and follow up calls as well,” says Raymond. “A lot of times you go into the doctor and don’t have any questions about your prescription, but three days later that may change and we can answer any questions and check on the side effects.”

Walgreens also offers a Balance Rewards card, giving customers access to special sale prices within the store and bonus points on items. One-thousand bonus points equals out to $1.00 off of your purchase, and some prescriptions are eligible for Balance Rewards. Eligible 30 day prescriptions gain 500 points, while 90 day prescriptions gain 1500 points.

Raymond offers his advice for staying well in cold and flu season: “Your hands are your biggest method of transmission. Wash them regularly, keep them away from your face, and stay well-rested and hydrated.”

Walgreens has everything you need to follow his advice, and he and the other pharmacists are always there to answer your health related questions. They also have the flu shot available now!

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