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September 26, 2013

How to Stay Well During Cold and Flu Season

The start of school and the earlier sunsets have started which means that right around the corner is the dreaded cold and flu season. As frustrating as keeping away from the cold and flu can get, there is a new pharmacy in Plaistow that will make navigating the next few virus filled months a bit easier.

Walgreens is a popular pharmaceutical chain, but as Manager Tabrez Qureshi says, “Our Plaistow location is a bit different from some of the others.” Located at 3 Plaistow Road, the brand new site that opened on August 16th is what Walgreens calls a wellness store.

“It’s set up so that we are more available to customers. We can greet them, assist them with sales, and have them check-out with our full attention,” explains Qureshi. The wellness store concept includes an open store layout, which makes assistance from employees a lot more accessible. Even the pharmacist, normally behind a wall and usually not seen until prescription help is needed, sits at a desk in front of the pharmacy.

“It removes that gatekeeper from healthcare,” pharmacist Glenn Raymond says. “We’re readily available to answer questions and be of assistance.”

Accessibility to the best services Walgreens can offer is this store’s priority. There are many hot deals available in store as well as competitive pricing, rewards opportunities, and discounts. Every Monday is Senior Savings day, and customers 55 or older can get 15% off of brand items and 20% off of any Walgreens brand item. Through October 15th they have a Friends and Family coupon offering 15-20% off purchases. Every Tuesday and Thursday the already competitively priced photo department offers 10 cent prints, compared to what are normally between 29 and 41 cents.

Conveniently, Walgreens also offers a web pick-up option, where they can shop online and have their order sent directly to the store. The order will be bagged and ready to go when they come in to pay for it.

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