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September 26, 2013

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


“Number one: it’s Energy Star rated,” says Wilusz. “All of our materials and finished products are Energy Star compliant.”

Consumers with Energy Star qualified roofs can qualify for a $1,500 tax credit due to energy saving benefits. In the summer, metal roofs keep homes cooler, reducing the financial and environmental costs of keeping that air conditioner on all hours of the day. All of the metal manufacturers Advanced uses provide steel made in the U.S. - cutting the impact of shipping metal over from other countries. Wilusz even has a state of the art roll forming machine - they receive the metal but make the metal roofing panels onsite of the roof they’re replacing.

Last year alone Advanced Metal Roofing installed over 300 metal roofs, and the average age of the asphalt roofs they replaced was only 11 years.

“We meet people who have replaced their asphalt roof 2-3 times in a 15 year period,” emphasizes Wilusz. “Metal is slightly more expensive than a conventional asphalt, but you never have to do it again. We’re basically allowing homeowners to never worry about their roof again.”

This means a lot for homeowners. Replacing an asphalt shingle roof can cost up to $5,000; 2-3 times could add up to $10,000-$15,000 in 15 years. On the environmental front is all of the waste produced by replacing the asphalt tiles.

“Metal roofing is lightweight. It’s 2/3 the weight of the asphalt roof,” explains Wilusz. “In a lot of cases we can go over the asphalt roof. You don’t have to worry about dumping the asphalt shingles, the new roof can be placed right over to reduce waste.”

Advanced Metal Roofing LLC, was featured in this year’s Qualified Remodeler Magazine list of top remodelers at #424 in country #3 in the state of New Hampshire. Forget the ice dams, forget snow raking - with metal, these are worries of the past. If you have questions about the energy efficiency and what a metal roof can do for you, stop by or give them a call at 800-519-9944. They service all of New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Northern Massachusetts.

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