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April 17, 2014

Protect your Roof from Ice Dams

(MS) - Is there ice build up on the edge of your roof this winter? If you haven’t closed the insulation gaps, major damage can be caused to this part of the house by ice damming. This starts with air leakage and it is preventable.

Experts at Decker Home Services tell us that as your heating system produces warm air, it spreads throughout the levels of your house and some of it can escape through the ceiling of the top floor. This air then comes into contact with the inside edge of the roof and, when melting snow falls onto that portion, it can slowly trickle down and freeze. As more ice builds, a dam is created on the edge, and this can cause water to leak into your house.

If any portion of the home is made of wood, water is especially harmful to it. This can cause mold and unwelcome, costly repair bills. If ice damming sounds familiar, it is wise to fix the problem at once.

Specialized insulation will do it, experts say. Products like the Icynene spray foam prevent air leakage and alleviate cases of ice damming. At the same time, high quality spray insulation increases your home’s energy efficiency, reduces your heating bills and provides a more comfortable indoor environment.

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Special Features

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