, Kingston, NH

April 10, 2014

Time for New Window Treatments

By: Steve Tahan
owner of Simply Shades Window Fashions

---- — PLAISTOW — Spring has sprung and this is the time to spruce up your windows with new window treatments. There are so many questions regarding window treatments but all can be easily answered. Simply Shades recently celebrated nine (9) years in business and as its owner, I’m happy to answer your questions and give you some ideas that may strike your fancy.

Common questions I get asked on a weekly basis include,” what blocks out the sun but still gives me privacy and light?” “Are any treatments insulating and actually assist in my heating/cooling expenses?” “Is there something made for skylight applications?” The questions are endless but I bet you may have asked one or more of these listed at one point in time.

The most popular window treatment is the honeycomb shade. Its popularity comes from its many benefits which include, insulating factors, low profile headrail, ease in cleaning, and the rainbow of colors they are offered in. Coming in a close second are 2” horizontal blinds. These are a great choice for those wishing to adjust the blinds to allow a more customized level of light while still allowing a certain level of privacy. Such blinds come in varying materials from the traditional wood, composite and faux woods to the more contemporary vinyl designer patterns. Vertical blinds are still the staple for sliding doors however there are more options available for a more contemporary look as well.

Perhaps the biggest comeback in the history of window treatments is Roman Shades. The elegance and tradition is still a fan favorite for those looking for an operable soft treatment. They now come with liner choices, which can dictate the amount of light, and with the available blackout liner, they have become quite popular in bedrooms.

In addition to the custom business, we are the only window treatment company left in the area that still hand makes and repairs roller shades. This is a unique craft and we’re proud to truly stand alone in this offering.

When researching window treatments the quality of the products is only as good as the steps leading up to your ultimate decision. These steps include viewing a number of options for any one application, understanding the total benefits of a particular treatment, proper measuring and getting the best product for your investment. Correct installation is also a key step as even the finest product will not function correctly if improperly installed.

While there may be several places to purchase window treatments, the consumer’s best bet has always been and continues to be within specialty shops. At Simply Shades in Plaistow, we specialize in custom window treatments and everything is made to order, professionally measured and installed. This is what we do and we pride ourselves on individualized programs based on each customer’s unique tastes and needs. The relationships we’ve developed with our clients over the past 9 years speaks for itself with the great amount of repeat customers and referrals.

To learn more about window treatments and our services, I encourage you to call or visit Simply Shades located on Route 125, at 23 Plaistow Rd., in Plaistow, 603-378-9363. We are open Tuesday through Thursday 10:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m., and are always available Sundays, Mondays and evenings by appointment.

I look forward to the possibility of serving you soon and adding you to the hundreds of customers/friends I’ve made in the past 9 years!