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September 26, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Gift

It’s not always easy to find gifts. There’s a lot to consider - what the person likes, where they shop, what they’ll use as opposed to what will sit in a closet somewhere. Gift cards are great, but not very special. You want something with thought put into it, something they wouldn’t have gotten from anyone else. So where do you go?

Located off Route 125 in Kingston is a whimsical piece of land covered in beautiful children’s swing sets, elegant gazebos, and quaint outdoor sheds. For over 25 years, this family owned business has focused on providing its customers with the best quality indoor and outdoor furniture possible. They even have a partnership with Ward’s Woodworking, another family owned business that specializes in constructing wood and vinyl sheds. This partnership allows customers to create the shed of their dreams.

“We can build custom, exquisitely crafted sheds, tailored to your needs, at no additional cost,” Swings ‘N’ Things’ website boasts.

“Customer satisfaction is our top priority,” manager Linda MacLean explains happily. “We want to give everyone who comes in one on one personal service.”

This careful attention and consideration explains why Swings has so many regular customers. The excellent product and variety doesn’t hurt either.

The store specializes in children’s swing sets, of both the wood and vinyl variety. These sets are far beyond a few metal poles with swings hanging from them. There is a series of wooden ‘Fantasy Treehouses’ with wooden cubbies, slides, and tire swings. What could be more special than giving the children in your life a magical place to play?

While their specialties include the outdoor furniture and structures that are on display, Swings ‘N’ Things also has a country store full of handmade indoor furniture, unique handmade gifts, and seasonal decorations and displays.

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Special Features

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