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September 26, 2013

How to Have a Happy Pet


“Trust me, I would not be selling it if I did not believe in it,” says Post.

Food is a big deal there, but State Line also carries an incredible array of toys, grooming products, luxurious bedding, hamster mansions, aquariums, and bird baths that are enviable to your own bath. Anything you could ever need for your domestic animal is housed in the 10,000 square foot building.

Post recommends scheduling regular appointments with the veterinarian to keep your pet healthy and well, and to make sure that their diet is appropriate for them. Giving animals new foods and supplements may be all well and good, but the vet will be able to determine if it’s truly the right fit.

Health products are another essential part of pet care, and State Line carries all of the brands you could ever need. It may not be summer anymore, but fleas and ticks are still a concern and your pet should be guarded at all times. There are shampoos, collars, dust, sprays, and spot-on products for insect protection. Your vet will be able to give you the right method for your pet, but the number one rule is to always carefully read the label and any instructions when administering these products. Some products are only for fleas, some only for ticks, and cats and dogs require different products.

Caring for an animal can be costly, but customers of State Line write that they are impressed by the competitive prices offered. One pleased Yelp member writes:

“We’ve been to LOTS of pet supply places, ranging from mom/pop shops to big chain stores, and this is the only place we really enjoy shopping at. Their staff is well versed in what they have and how to use it, and they have a really great inventory of low priced food, treats, and supplies. In fact, we often compare their prices to those at the big chain stores, and there really isn’t any comparison.”

So do your furry friend a favor and visit Staten Line Pet Supply. And bring them with you - they appreciate a good shopping trip too.

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