, Kingston, NH

September 26, 2013

Keeping Your Car Up to Standard

By Rachael Moore
Special Correspondent

---- — It’s a familiar story: you’re driving to work and your brake lights come on, a funny rattling noise is coming from somewhere in the car, and inspection time is right around the corner. Time to shell out some cash and find somewhere to tune-up.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you’re not bound to the dealership where you bought the car. There are plenty of more affordable options, but Plaistow’s All Tune and Lube just may be the best one.

Owner Joe Steed knows car maintenance, and he understands convenience and customer service.

“We have all the same services as a dealer at a fraction of the cost, mostly because of the lower overhead. There is never an uncomfortable sales pitch or pressure to buy now. We try to educate our customers and leave the decision making up to them. We are a family-owned franchise, and we treat each customer as we would want our own family to be treated, with respect, honesty, and quality work at a reasonable price.”

Steed is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, with a degree in Business Management. His enjoyment of tinkering with cars at a young age and a work history dealing with autos is reflected in his successful business, but he started out in management in the plastics industry.

“Both plastics manufacturers I worked for shut down and I decided to go into business for myself. I tried to think of recession proof industries and car repair seemed like a pretty good choice.”

It was a good choice, as proof of All Tune’s excellent service can be found in the many testimonials by appreciative customers online. People from all over New Hampshire, and even Massachusetts, drive up to Plaistow for the service and competitive prices Steed offers. He believes it’s his staff that is to be credited.

“These guys have been here forever,” Steed says. “It’s a good crew. We try to stay ahead of the learning curve.”

They’re not the only ones who should try and stay ahead - the more you know about your car and its needs, the longer it will last. Vehicles that are maintained properly on a yearly basis are less likely to run into major issues that will not only cost a lot of time, but a lot of money. Sure, keeping up with scheduled maintenance like oil changes and brake checks are essential but so are the little things we may not know about.

“We always do a full inspection every time a car comes into the shop. Ball joints, tie rods, filters, and front ends. You name it,” says Steed.

All Tune keeps track of every vehicle it services, providing record of services performed and maintenance required. Every time you go in they’ll be able to look up your car’s history to better serve you. They have state of the art computers and equipment to help diagnose and repair whatever may be troubling your vehicle.

So what should you do to keep your car running like the first day you got it? It’s recommended that oil, lube, and filter changes are done every 3,000 miles. Flush the cooling system and change coolant once a year. Check tires to make sure they’re inflated to the pressure specified by the manufacturer every week and rotate them every 10,000 miles. Brakes and the battery should be checked once a month. Prepare to replace your brakes at 45,000 miles. Lubricate, inspect, and clean - these are the common pieces of advice on a quick internet search.

All Tune and Lube will take care of all of this for you - just stop on by for the best service in town. Your car will thank you.